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Is the aura of ones light considered to be a personal magnificent brilliance?


  1. You know, you can see the aura around your hand by holding it at arms length against a background which is somewhat dulled. I’ve found a shadowed wall of dark green is good….or any darkish, shadowed (not sunlit) plain wall. You then focus your eyes, whilst looking at the hand, PAST the hand and allow your peripheral vision look at the fingertips. Usually you’ll first see the “glove’ light around the hand, and then you’ll begin to see some colour shooting out of the fingertips….and if you keep looking you’ll see the “smoke” curling off the end of your fingertips. It’s a pretty cool exercise. I read about this is a book called “The Way of the Essenes”…..about Jesus’ childhood and secret life.

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    Aura of a person’s light being a “personal” magnificent brilliance? I don’t believe so
    For it to be personal would be like one one drop of water in ocean being more or less magnificent, brilliant than the drop of water next to it. All is magnificent and brilliant. All are collectively One in the collective ocean.
    The aura and Light of a being is aspect of the collective wholeness of all. Varied aspects of same Oneness. Varied aspects of the Onelight (God).


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