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Is the answer to the unfairness of life to be found in reincarnation?

Our lives often seem unfair, but what if reincarnation exists? Then in one lifetime we might be privileged and fortunate. Then in the next life time we might be a poor person who suffers abuse and adversity. So really, we all suffer the same in the end! That way we experience all aspects of life…I’m thinking of changing religions from christianity to Buddhism…


  1. If reincarnation really does exist, then we are truly in Hell, with no possibility of parole. Thank you, no. Once through this is more than enough for me.

  2. I think it makes a lot more sence than the vengful God hell thing, no we dont remember our past lives that would mess the learning up. We in human Body dont remember, but our soul does, and thats who we really are, so we are learning each and every life.

  3. No.
    Life is not a game. There is no fairness or unfairness. No one wins or loses. If you choose to believe in magic and fantasy, that’s fine. Perhaps it will give you comfort.

  4. Check out ‘reincarnation as taught by early christians’on google it was once a major teachig. it doesnt matter wat religion you convert to the same thing happens to all of us but I hope you do a bit more research first before convert and dont base it purely on the acceptance of reincarnation!

  5. Reincarnation does not exist, but it would be no more fair or meaningful compared with the idea of an eternal hell. I don’t believe that exists either.

  6. Yes, all those problems of thinking God is “unfair” comes to those who think their life is only this short span of one lifetime.
    You are moving in a good direction. And you may also enjoy knowing that Jesus himself spoke of the reincarnation of Elias… to John the Baptist… so the knowledge was there in the beginning but was just lost due to poor theology. More on my biography.

  7. Reincarnation makes no sense. The ONLY way we learn things and gain wisdom in this world is by failing, doing it wrong, seeing our mistakes and then correcting them. If you don’t REMEMBER the last life and all the mistakes you made, you can’t learn from them and correct them in the next life. Without memory of prior lives, the notion of reincarnation is pointless.
    P.S. The answer to “the unfairness of life” can be found in this sentence:
    “Who said life was supposed to be fair”?

  8. Life is random interactive and doesn’t care about our piddly little plans. It is sometimes hard and cruel and at other times it is heartful and forgiving.
    I take the good with the bad and enjoy it while I can.
    Reincarnation actually is frightening to me. Here’s why….
    The Centers For Disease Control informs me that if I have sex with someone, I’m actually having sex with every person that someone has had sex with. If reincarnation and past lives actually exist, that means I would be having sex with thousands of other people,,,.(shudder).
    Life is good…always.

  9. did you know its possible to believe in God and reincarnation at the same time?
    Reincarnaiton is not entirely foreign to Judaism, and it was actively taught in early christianity.

  10. Hi,
    Who wants to keep recycling? I’d rather go be with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ where there is no darkness. Buddism..???.. wow.. he has no Reward to give you. Follow Jesus.. not the harlot apostate church wolves spewing lies from the pulpits and doing all in His Name. He will lead you into all truth if you truly seek Him and you don’t have to keep repeating a cycle of life to walk in the Light. This life on earth ain’t it… it is eternity.. a place with no tears, wars, wisdom of men, abuse, death, sin, jealousy, broken hearts and lives.. Buddah can’t offer that.. he is a false god and there is no light in him.
    In Jesus,

  11. Good question, David:
    Your eternity is more important than you realize, and the Bible tells us that it has been appointed once for man to live, then the judgment.
    Satan has incorporated many falsehoods into religion. You need read what he says to his cultists at http://revelado.org/cult.htm Word search for “Darwin”, and continue reading until you get to what happens when someone dies.
    Shalom, peace in Jesus, Ben Yeshua

  12. Yes, I’ve felt that way for most of my life. That is one of the many reasons I converted to Judaism. My view of the afterlife is just as acceptable as anyone else’s view — no one has been there and returned to tell us about it!
    I don’t have a need to know what happens in the afterlife, but reincarnation is defitinitely one of the options. I’ve never considered Buddhism — it is too *self* centered for my comfort. Judaism is an active and outgoing religion — we are cautioned against withdrawing from society.

  13. It is interesting to me that people actually feel so confident when they say reincarnation doesn’t exist. How do they know? How did they come to that conclusion? Can they provide proof that it doesn’t exist supported with logical reasoning? Nope. What is it we base our beliefs on – it sounds good, or, I don’t like the idea, or simply an arrogant and very naive sort of dismissive rant about such ideas being stupid.
    On the other hand, in the teachings and history of Buddhism there is extensive logical reasoning, stories and personal experience that establishes proof without flaw, and it is only when people study these things, and especially train in certain practices that they will really understand how it is true. There is definitely continuity of consciousness.
    I’ll leave such research to those really interested, but, I will just say this. There are three levels of mind – gross, subtle, and very subtle. Gross minds are our senses and gross mental awareness. When we fall asleep these dissolve inwards becoming less and less coarse, more and more subtle. For the most part, ordinary humans are unable to maintain conscious awareness as they pass through this process. They can’t control the inner energies during meditation that bring about such a dissolution. They can’t control it during sleep, and therefore, they cannot control it at the time of death. The process of sleep, dream, and waking is only different from death, intermediate state, and rebirth in that with the former there is still a connection between the mind and gross body, whereas in the latter that connection has been severed.
    Practitioners of certain trainings are able to master full conscious control of the mind as it passes through sleep, dream, and waking. They are able to do many things ordinary people can’t. The term ‘ordinary’ means the average human who has not trained the mind to perceive the extraordinary. There are many masters who have left instructions of their next place of rebirth with great detail, and when the time comes their attendants follow the instructions and find their Masters new incarnation. You can read some of my others answers related to this.
    Anyways, as for the question at hand, it is not reincarnation or rebirth that determine unfairness, but karma. Karma is a sanskrit term meaning action, and refers to a variety of things such as the intention that motivates actions of body speech and mind; the seed (cause) that is placed in the consciousness; and all the experiences that appear to the mind (effects). Karma is the universal law of cause and effect applied to the person. ‘What goes around comes around’ is accurate, but the most basic teaching is that actions motivated by good intentions are the cause of future happiness, and acctions motivated by bad intentions are the cause of future suffering. There is a very intimate relationship between mind and the objects of its cognitions. They are not separate, so their is definitely alot of reasoning that can be used to understand the truth of karma. It isn’t a punishment thing, it is simply how the system works. Our mind and body are like machines with certain functions and laws that govern those functions. The same with everything else. I have posted more extensively on karma elsewhere so u can read more there or in recommended books.
    We create our own reality through intentions, actions, and discriminations.


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