is that telepathy? crazy thing happened.

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This morning I dreamed of a non very famous, and unsuccessful, Greek actor. I woke up thinking that the dream was terrible and nonsence, cause I hate this actor. But the actor’s name was clearly in my mind. 10 minutes later, I went on facebook, to find out that my ex, who lives thousands of miles away from me, in another country, had become a fan of this actor. According to facebook timing, it happened approximately the same time I had that dream. I don’t even like this actor. In fact, I hate him. Was that telepathy? My ex was my only true love.

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aww a love connection?

• µ Mæ Fσяget Mε •

no. coincidence.


Not likely.Its lucky …that’s all ..coincidental at best.


I am not sure what it would be considered – but that is pretty cool!
Have a great day!


Cool coincidence, but still just a coincidence.


the two events definitely have some connection , rather than dismissing as coincidence
plz answer mine:

Reg B

I believe that its a stronger connection of our mind… You using power that you have and its coming to you in dreams… I know that dreams help us to understand ourselves because in our waking state we fight it and don’t trust our feelings. So go with the flow…


My dear Yasmin…..
Well….that sure was an “extraordinary” …coincidence…and- in a way…I would consider it as some type of…”telepathy”…Why NOT ??? It sure was nothing…”ordinary”, right? Right ! Maybe you do have what we call : “Extra-sensory-Perception”??? It could be, Yasmin..So…just appreciate your ability ! I just wish you more pleasant dreams with people you like….-smile-
Wish you all the best for the future ! Greetings from Germany with all my love & care… Annette***

Dr. Bob

Coincidence only. Sorry.
No such thing as telepathy.

Me =)

It very possibly could. Sure, it’s a bit sketchy to say whether or not it was telepathy, but I’ve had so many bizzare experiences like the ones you’ve had that sometimes I really wonder if telepathy is real or not. It very well could be, or it could just be a coincidence. But sometimes things are way too crazy to just keep calling them coincidences.


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