is that telepathy? crazy thing happened.





This morning I dreamed of a non very famous, and unsuccessful, Greek actor. I woke up thinking that the dream was terrible and nonsence, cause I hate this actor. But the actor’s name was clearly in my mind. 10 minutes later, I went on facebook, to find out that my ex, who lives thousands of miles away from me, in another country, had become a fan of this actor. According to facebook timing, it happened approximately the same time I had that dream. I don’t even like this actor. In fact, I hate him. Was that telepathy? My ex was my only true love.


  1. It very possibly could. Sure, it’s a bit sketchy to say whether or not it was telepathy, but I’ve had so many bizzare experiences like the ones you’ve had that sometimes I really wonder if telepathy is real or not. It very well could be, or it could just be a coincidence. But sometimes things are way too crazy to just keep calling them coincidences.

  2. My dear Yasmin…..
    Well….that sure was an “extraordinary” …coincidence…and- in a way…I would consider it as some type of…”telepathy”…Why NOT ??? It sure was nothing…”ordinary”, right? Right ! Maybe you do have what we call : “Extra-sensory-Perception”??? It could be, Yasmin..So…just appreciate your ability ! I just wish you more pleasant dreams with people you like….-smile-
    Wish you all the best for the future ! Greetings from Germany with all my love & care… Annette***

  3. I believe that its a stronger connection of our mind… You using power that you have and its coming to you in dreams… I know that dreams help us to understand ourselves because in our waking state we fight it and don’t trust our feelings. So go with the flow…

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