Home Discussion Forum Is Telepathy (thought transfer) really possible?

Is Telepathy (thought transfer) really possible?

Is Telepathy (thought transfer) really possible.


  1. Absolutely…..my brother and I have had the same dream a few times…..and my son constantly says what was on my mind before I started talking

  2. Without verbal communication? Yes. Imagine when you and a very close friend are sat with a group of people you don’t know so well and one of them says something you disagree with, or think is funny. You glance at your good friend for less than a second.and you both know exactly what the other is thinking.
    In pragmatics (meaning something akin to the study of interpretation of utterances) this is known as telepathy.

  3. The best answer right now is “no”. But research is difficult to do in this area. There is some evidence that telepathy may occur during dreams, but again, it is sketchy at best. So right now the best answer is no.

  4. YES. Look at my name. I belive in psychic abilities and here is the theory. Thoughts create energy, and energy creates things. With enough thought anything is possible. If you think you’re going to have a bad day, energy will be sent out and that may come true. It depends on how long you think about it and how much concentration you put into it. Here’s an experiment you can try:
    Think about something you want. Anything. Then visualize what it would be like to have that thing. Every day for a month visualize this at least once a day and it will happen.

  5. Of course, especially between people who are related. Even people who spend a lot of time together seem to be able to anticipate each other’s thoughts

  6. The invention of the Elecrtoencephalograph (EEG) with its ability to physically measure brain waves has proven that the mind is a sending unit. It is not a huge leap of faith to believe that a transmitter can also function as a receiver.
    We send out messages and are bombarded with incoming messages all the time, but they generally don’t get through all the layers of the sub-conscious all the way down into our conscious awareness.
    What do you think “subliminal” advertising is based on?
    One strong possibility is that we don’t “receive” well because there is too much “white noise” or static in the average mind during its waking state.
    Also, I believe it is probable that the sender and receiver would need to be on the exact same frequency at the exact same moment for a transmission to be successfully sent AND received. Our frequences are pretty much individual to ourselves and vary within our own range, I think, but they can and DO cross on rare occasions. Those are the times when you and someone you are with catch yourselves thinking the same thing at the same moment.
    If a person could match his/her frequency to that of others around him/her, the way a chameleom matches the color of whatever it sits on, then that person would be a true telepath, but most of us do not have such an ability. For most of us, it occurs spontaneously and very rarely, if at all.


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