Is Telepathy real??or is it just a myth?

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please answer with facts or real things that happened… cuz i think i might have some if it is real.. waht are the signs???

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It has never been proven scientifically. Many experiments have been done in a lab setting and all have shown that it does not exist.


We all have it. it is a matter of figuring out how to use it. I have much respect for David Wilcock that he says it is real and I admire his intuition. With that said, I have used it before when I was spiritually time traveling (Yes it happened for a few days) and it is very powerful. My instinct says this is a 2009 project and my new years resolution maybe 🙂
Not only is it real, but with the shift in Consciousness coming, we will be seeing it very soon. I mean this decade (2010s)
Peace and Love


This is one of those true “I don’t know” mysteries.
Yes, there is no scientific evidence that mental/spiritual powers exist. But then, I’m mindful of the fact that for thousands of years, we could not measure X-rays or gamma rays. We had no idea that they existed. I’m quite certain nobody is willing to tell me they did not exist before their discovery.
It would be hubris indeed to think we know all there is to know; have measured all there is to measure. Thus, there is always the possibility that such things such as mental powers or the soul exists. To completely discount it on the evidence of todays technology is as absurd as belief without evidence.
So I believe there is something there. I’ve seen enough anectdotal evidence to believe something exists. But I have not heard any satisfactory theory as to what it is, or how it works, or from whence it comes. I have not heard of any theory that suggests any method of measurement. Thus, I cannot tell what it is I’m looking at.
But then, nobody has ever measured or even quantized life either. Should we believe that life does not exist simply because we cannot measure it yet?

Magus (wizard trainee)

For those who believe in the paranormal and the sixth sense, yes it is real. But for some people who think that the paranormal and anything related to it is just an imaginary thing, it is just a myth. I believe in stuff like that and is confident that I too have sixth sense, perhaps not telepathy but another form of the sixth sense. I have read before that signs of having sixth sense may be any of the following: having colored dreams, dream of flying or levitating, dreaming of people you’ve never known or places you’ve never been before but you are confident that you have already seen or met, hearing somebody else’s mind like they are being said to you or hearing voices in your head whenever you are alone.

Private Jet CEO

I know it’s real. I watch my two dogs use it all the time. It is uncanny if you pay attention to how they do it. My dad’s mother passed away suddenly in the late fifties and my parents were driving in the desert when it happened at 3 a.m. and my dad had a flash about his mom being dead. It took them an hour to get to a phone but he called home and found out she had a sudden fatal stroke at the same time that he had a vision of some kind. He was not the kind of man to joke around about something like that so I truly believed him.


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