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Is telepathy really possible?

Can you really channel into someones thoughts and see what they’re thinking like some scientists have said?
I hope not. then there wouldn’t be such thing as privacy..!
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  1. I don’t believe in it, but really, i’m not sure what to believe anymore with all of the new amazing things scientists are coming up with nowadays.

  2. No, but I do think you can guess what someone is thinking by tracking their train of thought. This can also be used to ‘suggest’ ideas to people and let them think it was their idea/thought.

  3. i believe it is
    there is a legend about two twin brothers that were really close
    one day in there late sixties one of the brothers was at a bussiness meeting in nyc
    while the other was sitting at home reading the sunday paper
    the one at the meeting begin to have a heart attack
    while the other at home held his chest and dropped to the floor in pain

  4. my daughter & i can vouch there is such a thing & is not a myth. daughter lived in mi. several yrs. ago & i would send her scoldings like( you could call me you know?) sure enough not long til i’d get a call from her, i always asked if she got my message. she always said yes almost resentful like i said almost scolding. i’m a firm believer!

  5. No, it is not possible. Such things do not exist except in the minds of children and people who have not outgrown their childhood need for magical thinking.

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