Home Discussion Forum is telepathy real or telekenises or whatever is called?

is telepathy real or telekenises or whatever is called?

it would be awesome to have that thing coooool


  1. Telepathy and Telekinesis are two separate things. Telepathy is the ability to read another’s mind; Telekinesis is the ability to move things with the power of the mind.
    It is theorized that these abilities are possible (though I don’t think there has been any definitive proof for or against provided)

  2. Telepathy lets you transfer subconscious thoughts or communicate with others mentally. Animals are known to have a psychic (unspoken) kind of mental communication, but it is rare in humans.
    Telekinesis involves moving an object using your thoughts. It happens a lot in movies (bending spoon, pushing a cup, parting waters) but I’ve still to see it in real life.
    With research into mind power & psychic ability, I believe telekinesis can become a reality (specially using a computer interface).


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