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Is telepathy real? Is it scientifically proven or unproven?

Because I used to chat on a website with people who claimed to be able to use and teach telepathy.
We used to play this game – we find an image on google or anywhere and we have to mind scan each other when the other person visualises it and then we see if we got it right by describing it.
Their Example: Google picture of an “Oak Tree”
Their Telepathic Description: Tall, brown, green, fuzzy, alive, grows, natural. (They use keywords as they said telepathy was mainly random visual images and thoughts).
Anyway, I picked 10 pictures from google.
They accurately described 9 of them within amazing detail. One was off but they got some detail correct (colour and shape).
And then I tried – I got 7 out of 10 images accurate by concerntrating really hard and using their techniques (mind link).
This is all on psipog.net, btw.
Anyway, does anyone have any experiences or information that disproves or proves this to be a real phenomena?
Because it seemed VERY real when I was practicing it.


  1. yes a mother rabbit was wired and the babies taken out to sea and drowned the mother registered every drowning with a significant reaction

  2. Yes i think telepathy is real i do it myself i can read peoples mind but i have to concentrate really hard and i think it hasnt being proven not at this verry moment but i do say it is real

  3. SEriously, as a scientist, there’s no proven thing bout that…or maybe because its out of my field…,Maybe dey r cheating or, I hate to say this but maybe they are advoc8s of d you know hu,, but scientifically, the closest possibilty exists in identical twins, because their DNa is almost the same except they are mirror models of each other….

  4. My boyfriend and I constantly and purely by accident “read eachother’s minds”. For some reason he or I will say exactly what the other was about to say, and it’s absolutley weird. I tell him “Get out of my head!!!!!!” lol, as a joke. We can’t play rock paper scissors cuz we always pick the same until I totally blank my mind. Maybe its cuz we’re in close quarters all the time, but he’s highly intelligent and I’m very spiritual, so who knows?

  5. Interesting question.
    I wish I could say that yes, there is somthing to it, but verifiable scientific research into this pretty well shows that it does not exist. .
    Here is a link to a paper entitle: A Short History of Psi Research
    There is a fellow named Uri Geller, who claims to have this ability. .He appeared on Johnny Carson, (who used to be a stage magician) With a little help, and prevention of Geller’s crew being able to manipulate objects before going on stage, amazingly, Geller was unable to do anything. See a video here:
    A slightly differing concept is that of a psychic. . People who claim to be able to talk to the dead, or solve crimes. . Here is an interesting article about psychics who could not foresee their future:
    James Randi, who was once a stage magician as well has a foundation which is offering a $1,000,000 prize for any person that can demonstrate such ability under controlled conditions.
    Amazingly, no one has been able to collect it. .
    It is best summed up with this quote:
    “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.”
    All the famous TV psychics such as Sylvia Brown, John Edwards and such have had their predictions fail at a rate consisant with a guess. . To see how Sylvia Brown did with her 2006 predictions follow this link:
    In spite of her claim that she is helping people, she is a charlatan and cheat. . there is a whole website dedicated to letting the public know:
    There is much more, but I hope this helps!

  6. To be honest, the skeptic community (which has some very questionable status in the scientific community at large) will not acknowledge anything paranormal, no matter the amount of evidence to verify it…
    The Scientific community does not accept telepathy, as of yet. There have been large quantities of the infamous telepathy card tests (star, circle, wavy line, etc etc,) over the years, and the statistical evidence is staggering, none of it accepted by the scientific community. As one scientist quipped “on anything else, one-tenth of the evidence would convince me, on this, ten times the evidence won’t convince me”.
    As you yourself stated, you pulled 10 pictures, they described 9 to your satisfaction. Only you can really decide if something exists in your world view. What the scientific community has to say is nice, but it really is just their own interpretation of the evidence, and is colored by their philosophy and views on the world no matter how objective they try to claim to be.

  7. All the answers here and everything that I’ve read, independently, agree. You can’t ‘prove’ it one way or the other. In order to prove something, in science, you MUST apply the scientific method, repeatedly, with the same results, consistently. However, you can test your theories, as you’ve done.

  8. It is real, but be careful with it because you can really trip out like I did, when you can’t turn it off. That’s why I started to drink alcohol.

  9. Yes, it has not been ‘proven’ but has been studied. It is believed that the ‘power’ to do this lies in the speech and motor (possibly even the sight) parts of the brain. We, as humans, have the ability to use 10% of the power of each of our brain’s functions. If we could somehow, one way or another, tap into an extra % then we could be able to do more. If we combine the motor and the speech it is possible to send a ‘psychic vibe’ with a description of what your thinking. Now, whether or not you can do this willingly or subconsciously is up to you and your mind’s mental capacity.
    I have personlay tried all of this and it seems to work. Try it with friends and see if you can do it again!

  10. Numerous scientific experiments seeking evidence of telepathy have been conducted over more than a century. Many of these studies have yielded positive results, most notably using the Ganzfield procedure. A ganzfeld experiment (from the German for “entire field”) is a technique used in the field of parapsychology to test individuals for extra-sensory perception (ESP). It uses homogeneous and un-patterned sensory stimulation to produce an effect similar to sensory deprivation. However, telepathy, as with all parapsychological subjects, remains controversial.
    Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganzfeld_experiment


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