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Is Telepathy possible?

I just want to know whether we human can read the others mind? Some people say that human brain still keep a lot of secret that yet ready to be revealed..what is it


  1. Nope and it would only be cool if you were able to control it. If you couldn’t, then you’d be hearing every single thought from everyone yelling at you 24/7. That’s enough to drive anyone insane.

  2. There are now machines that can translate EM activity in the brain into commands to a computer…if there were a structure in the brain that was sensitive enough to detect the EM activity in someone else’s brain…that would make it possible.
    There are animals, like sharks and platypi, that can detect the EM activity of another animal’s hearts and muscles…which is PRECISELY the same activity as neurons firing…so, the possibility, however astronomically remote, does exist.

  3. Yes, my friend and I used to do it all the time. I actually almost gave him a mental breakdown doing it. It is fun doing it. Then another friend and I do it subconsciously and we are about 50 to 75 miles apart.


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