Is telepathy possible? Can it be done subliminally so that only a suggestion of a thing is transmitted?

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Can it be done over a long distance for example from Oklahoma to the Cape of Good Hope? Any one have any thoughts on this subject?

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I would believe that one needs to be close to the person as in an old friend or in a relationship. Its not necessarily telepathy but more of bodies and minds being in tune to each other, as in running on the same schedule. If that is the case then distance isn’t a problem


I indeed believe in telepathy and other mental strengths and occurrences. As i understand the military at one time was looking into these areas. Research faculties on ESP and such are in various places. Psychics and mediums are used in police cases. To what extent telepathy can be used and the power of that i am not sure. But, i have had an experience myself where i knew my Grandmother had passed on, before anyone told me ( she lived in another state, far away).. I felt somehow her spirit came to me so i wouldn’t be afraid when i did find out. I loved her dearly. it was strange, i was at peace when i did find out, that was strange in itself for me, just knowing she was sick or in hospital anytime before i got really emotional.. who knows for sure the total powers we each may have?


I think if you have an emotional connection with someone, nothing can stop that. I have experienced many things in my life and I swear nothing surprises me anymore. From reaching for the phone and it rings with the person I was about to call. To dreaming about someone and next thing you know they call or visit. We as humans do not use hardly half of our brain and there is many things that we do not understand and at times are unwilling to accept that happen.


I believe in it, and I’ll tell you why.
Many times right out of the blue, I would think of someone whom I haven’t thought about in years, then would call me just days later just because they were just thinking of me too. Weird huh!
I’ve had an old boyfriend from 15 yrs ago call me just a couple months ago, strange, because I haven’t heard from him in so long. I didn’t even know if he was living in the same state. I was just thinking about him just days prior.
This sort of thing has happened to me on several occasions.

B. W

Have you seen the story on the boy who lived before…!


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