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Is telepathy possible at all?

I think everyone has had a moment where they felt they knew the exact words another person was thinking without them saying anything. Is there ANY medical evidence that suggests we have even the remote capacity of telepathy?
I know this sounds sci-fi, but we are bio-electrical. Where there is electronic current, there is EMI. This is how many machines pick up “brain waves” but have we ever found any type of ability in our own brains that would equate to a receiver? Sine we only use a small fraction of our brain’s ability, some less than others, is telepathy part of the untapped brain’s capacity?
Have there every been gov. studies on it? I would imagine the WWII era they would have experimented since they were looking for ANYTHING to help win. Even “death rays” which lead to RADAR.
IF telepathy is possible, is it possible that if we meditate that perhaps we could eavesdrop on others? For that matter, what about the universe, it must be teaming with communications?
Far out there I know, b


  1. theorists cannot PROVE how the world was put here,so,no ,, no ,,no,telepathy to me means just making the other person aware of your presence,no one can or will ever be able to read minds,totally bogus,sorry..the gov,wouldn,t waste the time,

  2. There have been several studies about telepathy, mostly involving twins.
    I don’t believe if you meditate, you can read the minds of others. It only exists when 2 people share an inseparable bond. Example, twins. Because they are so close together and are one and the same, the share brain waves.
    Or best friends know exactly whats going on in each other’s heads

  3. I don’t believe in twins sharing brain waves or best friends for that matter either. But I do believe that if we used our entire brain capacity that we would be able to do SOMETHING… maybe telepathy? Who knows. Too bad that is impossible. The fact of the matter is, your body will only use however much brain capacity is needed for functioning properly, and no more. The government generally doesn’t share it’s studies with the public. If it were checking out telepathy, I’m guessing that we wouldn’t know about it.
    Yeah we can guess what another person is thinking, simply because we have empathy and put ourselves in other peoples’ shoes and know what we would think in that situation (which is sometimes right or wrong).
    I think dejavu is just an electrical process in the brain where the same combination of neurons are used.

  4. It might be possible. One time me and my friend were trying it and he told me exactly what he saw in my mind. But I don’t know if he was receiving and I was sending or the other way around. It wasn’t words that he saw but numbers and a woman in all black.

  5. I’m sure if there have been government studies done proving telepathy then we would most certainly be left in the dark. Whatever conclusive evidence the powers that be have discovered I’m sure has been kept top secret.
    The only scientific evidence there is are the stories and testimonies people give relating to the topic, but a lot of it could just be coincidence. There is that large portion of the brain that we don’t really know the exact use of. Some theorize that in the event of an awakened sixth sense that this particular percentage of the brain has uses.
    All animals have a form of that extra sense. Human beings in the most basic form are animals too. We just use certain portions of our brain so much that we don’t know how to access this outer reaches. Insects are supposedly a simple form of animal. Yet oddly enough being the smallest creatures in the animal kingdom they exhibit the rare skills of long distance communication. Like all the worker bees, joined together for a solitary purpose, have a mental link to the hive queen, doing her bidding.
    Could we also suggest that coincidences in dreams may be the result of such mental communications. Some people have been known to share or experience similar notions while in a dream state. With our minds in such a relaxed moment and working without our full consciousness, might it be possible for us to subconsciously tap into that unexplored mental region to reach out and touch someone on the receiving end, sending in an idea that is reinterpreted in the dream state.
    I suppose telepathy is possible. However governed by our “laws of science”, anything that can’t be seen, heard, smelled, tasted or touched simply must be labeled supernatural and thus not possible. But if you’re willing to believe there’s something more to life then bags of chemicals, I’m sure science in one way or another has its flaws.


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