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Is telepathy possible? (20 letters)?

have u evernoticed that sometimes while you are just sitting around singing a song in your head someone will start humming or singing. and you will think ‘what a coincidence’ but what if was an old song and, why the hell would they be thinking of that song at this time when you are?
could this be telepathy?


  1. No. There is no such thing as telepathy. It’s been tested, tested, tested, and retested, and it’s not been proven as a method of communication, even in the face of a $1 million reward to do so (see the James Randi Foundation’s Million dollar challenge).

  2. I have this strange knack of listening to music on radio/CD/computer (let me just point out that the CDs and computer music is always on random) yet 9 times out of 10 I get a feeling or mentally hear a few notes/words from a song… and then it comes on.
    I believe in telepathy, but mainly between twins.
    The whole ‘twin thing’.

  3. Yes it can be. It can also be the same trigger that got you thinking about it got the other person thinking about it as well, but the phenomenon of telepathy is quite well documented. It is a fact.

  4. ya possibly… i acutually get something like that before i go to bed.. befor i fall asleep sometimes i can almost swear that someone said my name and it sounds like somone i know… very strange

  5. It could be just chance. It’s not very likely, but odd chances do happen.
    As for telepathy, I believe very much in it, as I’ve heard people (my spouse in particular) putting her thoughts into my mind. This wasn’t scary, this was occult, and I was fascinated by it.

  6. Yes in minor form, maybe not in the way you see in science fiction, but I do believe the human psyche is all linked together and it is at it’s strongest point between people of close relationships or those in close proximity.
    I also could be that they heard you unconciously and started humming it themselves without knowing where it came from.
    Great question ^^

  7. I would like to believe that telepathy is possible. Many creatures such as dolphins are said to be highly aware and some even say they truly have a sixth sense. I think there is a lot about the human mind that we are still learning. I think it is very rare if it exists or perhaps only happens to us a few times but I would like to think there is a possibility of it.

  8. I know! That happens and I’m like. Wow.
    I think maybe your brain gives of ‘vibes’ and other people get them or something. So maybe that is some sort of telepathy.

  9. i think its weird how one time this news paper had a crossword puzzle and the next week they had the answers to the crossword puzzle but they didn’t release the answers, so what happened was there werent alot of people that got the crossword right but after the answers were out (but not released in the paper) there all of a sudden were millions of people who got the same answer so i think in a way there is telepathy in the world but not in a way where people can really go back and forth and talk to each other
    and i’ve heard of people who can read your mind (i’m not totally sure about that) i mean it could be true but who knows right?

  10. actually through the use of a FLIR camera you can see the temperature changes between people when this happens…it is real but we have yet to learn how it happens or why…but it has been recorded on video by a popular tv program about the paranormal…you can see the ‘mediums’ energy in colors as they spread from him to the guy he is ‘reading’ and then they’re energy joins together as the ‘medium’ starts to tell you what the other guy is thinking…it’s pretty cool …TAPS.com

  11. It happens to me all the time so I started paying attention to it. You and your friend were somewhere together and heard that song. It was probably in the background or had the volume turned down but it was there. You and your friend subconsciously heard that song without knowing it. Later on, you got board or there was a pause in the conversation and you started thinking it and he started humming it.
    Its common human function that’s why it happens so regularly.
    That’s at least what happens to me.

  12. Yeah it’s mostly because someone went past you both quietly humming it. Or something came up that triggered both your memories. Maybe even you were humming it out loud without realizing.

  13. No. I think the most probable reasons for that would be that either you both heard the song previously, but you weren’t conscious of it, as humans notice only a tiny fraction of the world around, them: on the radio, as someone’s ringtone, or perhaps either of you were unconsciously humming; or that something in your surrounding reminded you of that song, perhaps the sentence on a billboard, a sentence someone said or just seeing something the song is about.

  14. well, supposedly, humans are only taking advantage of up to 10% of our humanly, mental capabilities…so, i suppose it’s possible!

  15. I’ve had countless experiences like that, and I think they go beyond the realm of coincidence. On one level, our bodies are electrical organisms, and I don’t think that it’s too much of a reach to consider the possibility that our consciousnesses can send and receive thoughts, ideas, whatever over space and time. Can I prove it to anybody else with hard evidence? No, but based on real life experience, that works for me, and I think that, whether we want to recognize it or not, it’s something within the capacities of most…maybe all…human beings.

  16. Telepathy exists and is possible. If one’s soul connected to another’s soul they can talk with each other through mind. But this is not normal and not occurring with everyone. This is rare. What normal is? When you are making a long journey and when you are singing a song (for time pass) within your mind, someone sings for you which you can find only when you leave singing and when they continue the song. This someone is none but spirit. I had this experience. When they merge with your soul you will have the feeling that it is you singing the song. But if you keenly watch you can realize the difference.

  17. I know what you mean. like when your walkin and just think of a song and then you hear it in somebodys car or someone at your school starts singing it outloud. it might be

  18. I believe in telepathy. Things like that have happened to me a lot. I might suddenly get that song in my head and someone talks singing it or when I turn on the radio and it’s playing even if its not even a new song. I have had random things pop up in my mind that I know nothing about and then someone next to me starts talking about it. It’s like that same thought is transferred to the other person as well, it’s kinda weird, but cool too.


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