Home Discussion Forum Is telepathy, or "thought-transference", real?

Is telepathy, or "thought-transference", real?

If so, how do you know? How does it work? How many people can do it?


  1. I think its based upon if you believe it. Is god real? well that depends who you ask.. just like the question you asked… there is very little evidence for it being true, but there are various people who claim to be telepathic.

  2. Since there is no way that out thoughts can escape from out of our brain nor does our brain have any sort of receptor to receive any incoming thoughts the answer must be that thought transference is not possible.

  3. Some people feel if you believe something is real .That makes it so.The good news,they can’t be disappointed.The bad news,they’re hardly ever right.No one has ever demonstrated telepathy or any other psychic powers.Believe what you want,but that is the irrefutable truth.
    Go to the site below,they are the experts.They should be able to give a demonstration.The fact they can’t,that’s some pretty good evidence no one can.

  4. What may sometimes be named telepathy is a sophisticated thought processing ability. If I know someone very well or can picture someone’s circumstances clearly, I may be able to know what they would be thinking or what they want to do. It’s actually more useful than telepathy to be able to visualize situations and their effect on people. It’s as though a close friend of mine knew what I was going to say before I said it. Maybe not telepathy, but pretty damn good!
    Having said all that, I do not deny the existence of occasional psychic phenomena. It’s not something I view as an ability or “power”, and dramatic psychic events are extremely rare. I have not seen a totally satisfactory scientific explanation, but there are some ideas out there that could possibly pan out. Former astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, presents an interesting concept, the “Quantum Hologram”. Dean Radin has some interesting thoughts, again based on quantum. You should also take a look at more skeptical views on psychic phenomena. It’s important to keep a balanced viewpoint. There are some very intelligent people on both sides of this issue.
    Ultimately, unless you have an experience yourself (one that can’t be debunked), you’ll never really know for sure. In that case, you still have that wonderful sophisticated thought processing ability….

  5. I know gifted individuals are capable of reading people’s energy or vibrations & tell you what illness you have by tuning into your bio-rythem. So I would think that mental telepathy at some point is possible.

  6. Do you thikn that if anybody really was a telepath that they would actually tell you?
    If there are telepaths and other people with abilities, they are very careful and good at covering up their tracks. If you’ve ever read one of those books where a person that can do weird stuff turns out to be part of some secret society that protects humanity from evil? Well for all we know there could be telepaths working like that right now. I’m refusing to rule anything out.
    Maybe I’m just paranoid. That’s a possibility, too.

  7. Yes, experience, * , basically anyone.
    * How does it work?
    It functions on the same principles as a short wave or CB radio. Although each person being both a sender and receiver on multiple frequencies at the same time. If a person finds (or can tune into) someone that sends and receives on the matching frequencies, the possibility is there for it to function. There are many factors that can have an effect on a persons abilities at any given time, therefore making it extremely difficult to control under lab tests. A few of the things that can affect it are diet, stress, concentration, comfort, for women their monthly cycle, etc. That leaves a lot of variables to control so in lab tests, it is almost impossible to get conclusive “proof” one way or the other.

  8. I think it is possible. But what comes to my mind is what would a person experience is they were telepathic? Would they “hear” someone else’s thoughts? Would they “see”, as in get visuals of what others were thinking? Or would they litterally think the same thing as another person?
    I’ve had many experiences where I am with someone where “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” gets asked and it turns out we really were thinking the same thing. Is that true telepathy? Well whats really “true” or “false” in the paranormal anyways? Maybe it all just depends on your point of view.

  9. Yes, to very high levels of confidence, we know it is real.
    Researchers have been studying this question in the laboratory for over a century. No one knows yet how it works, but we do know a few things that provide hints about how it might work. Some of the hints are based on evidence that telepathy is not literally “mind reading,” it is not mediated by any sort of signals being transmitted from one person to another, it is not due to coincidence, and so on. My guess is that telepathy is due to a biological version of quantum entanglement. To read a bit more about this idea, which is not an easy concept to grasp, read the preface of my book, “Entangled Minds,” in the first link below.
    How do we know it exists? Telepathy has been investigated by devising experimental designs that control for all known ordinary means of communication between people, and then testing to see whether a “sender” can communicate a randomly selected picture or video clip target to a distant, isolated “receiver.” The receiver then is shown four targets (in one type of experiment), only one of which was the real one, the other three being decoys. The chance of correctly selecting the right target in a given trial is 1 in 4, or 25%. After thousands of such tests, repeated over the past 40 years in about 25 laboratories around the world, there is no doubt that average people can successfully do this task. The odds against chance are well beyond a trillion to 1. Even strong skeptics have successfully repeated this test.
    The above results have been confirmed by investigating whether a stimulus (like a light flash or shock) presented to one person can be detected as an unconscious physiological change in a distant person. This too works and has been repeated successfully. One of those publications appeared in the journal “Science” in the 1960s (this is the #1 scientific journal in the world).
    While there will always be a few staunch skeptics who refuse to accept this evidence, all of the valid criticisms proposed over the past half-century have been examined in great detail, and tested, and they do not hold up to scrutiny.


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