Is telepathy or mind reading possible?

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I personally think it’s possible, but is there a scientific basis for that, any experiments or anything?
@tony: I disagree, the transmission of information is a material thing, not spiritual.
If the scientific basis for it is not found, it doesnt mean there’s none.
@”God”: lol. ur pathetic, instead of looking at criticism you chose stupid answers like “ur story is awesome”.

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I believe that there’s not scientific basis in both cases
because both works with spiritual things and not material


Yes it is possible. Their is a spiritual and supernatural realm. Just think our ability to dream is proof of precognition and a higher order of things. If you want to learn more about experiments research psycholgist jb rhine and some of the work he did over at duke university in north carolina.they have one of the worlds few parapsychology programs.




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