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Is telepathy merely the trick of shamanism and the expertise of using the power of suggestion?

Some countries such as Jamaica have had reports of Voodoo and the actual priests admitting that it is merely an act of learning about the individual and planting in their mind certain suggestions or pathways of thinking. My question is simply that telepathy has nothing to do with brain waves but rather the skill or art in conning or steering someone to believe the way you want them to.


  1. You got it! It’s the art of “cold reading”
    This is link to just one of the many articles talking about cold reading and other tricks of the charlatans trade! The more you begin to think critically, the more you begin to see things for the way they really are! That’s what being a Skeptic is all about.

  2. I don’t think so. This is because I have had many instances with people who I am very close to where one of us will say something completely random and the other was just thinking of it. Or when someone will call at the exact same time I was thinking of them. I think that possibly the Jamaican Voodoo guy may not have been connected to his abilities and therefore had to fake it. I think that we all have this it’s just dormant.

  3. Cold reading has always surprised everyone. And what’s not to be very impressed about? Whether or not the person can’t truly read your thoughts as he would read words in a book, there’s still something unquestionably remarkable about a person who can read you instantly.


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