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Is telepathy for real?


  1. yes. some time somebody telephone to me of call on immediately we say just now i think about you. this may happen several times in our life. this is also telepathy

  2. The jury is still out on this one. Everyone has heard claims by people who say they have experienced it, but it it has not been reliably tested and measured.

  3. I think so. EXAMPLE;several yars ago I had a bad day so I went out for a drive. I ran out of gas and had no way to call home. I had left my money at home.My daughter showed up with my purse. How she found me, I’ll never know. except that my sister called my home, (she lives 35 miles from me), and told my daughter where to find me. There was really no way she could have known where I was.

  4. Scientists have recently done “telephone tests” to see if subjects could tell who out of a group of people was calling them, they say that there were slightly higher numbers of correct guesses with people who had tight emotional bonds between them. And also twins seem to have this kind of bond where they know what the other is doing or feeling.

  5. I haven’t met a person with a brain that strong, but if you accept Einstein’s believe on this subject, then you can see that it is possible for the energy of one person’s mind to exceed the physical capability for that brain to hold on to that spirit. In short, the stonger the mind the greater the possibility of tele pathic capabilities. Of course. Einstein had a huge mellon so his shoulders so he probably suffering a case of brain envy, thinking God must have a bigger mellon than him.


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