Home Discussion Forum Is telepathy actually real?

Is telepathy actually real?


  1. yes , and there is image projection as well . you are talking about the spiritual relm here so my suggestion is don’t try too hard and let the river flow soft and gentle . remember , what you say will choose your path , now i think you might be learning what you think matters too .

  2. Yes. I believe it is. It’s like 2 people and they understand each other very well and they can talk to each other by “eye language” or they may read each other’s minds sometimes.

  3. no, its impossible unless u r born with a special brain where u can use all of it at once
    (everyone can only use about 10% of their brain at once)

  4. i believe it is. i cant always tell what people are thinking but 99.99% of the time i can tell how they are feeling. i’m a sponge when it comes to that sort of “telepathy”…if they feel ticked off, i feel ticked off sometimes for no reason. its a weird world mon frair


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