Is telepathy a valid form of communication in your opinion?

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What are your thoughts in regards to those who employ it in their everyday lives?
Is it a foreign language to you?
Does it serve any purpose?

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son of God

No, None, No, No!!!

CAustin II

I’d tell you my opinion, but that’d be redundant.

Abomination of Desolation

If the kind of telepathy is the kind of telepathy i think you’re thinking of, it isn’t real/ doesn’t work.


no,thats foolishness

Alpha (MOTU) God has no Religion

ok yes…you got me…

Deep Blue

I’m sending you my answers telepathically.

Shinigami (FAC)

The only kind of telepathy I’m familiar with is when you’ve lived with the same person for years, slept in the same bed with them and started and ended each others’ sentences, laughed at something simply by sharing a glance….


I’ve just beamed you a response. If you don’t get it, that answers the question doesn’t it?


Telepathy form of communication can solve many human problems

Cosmic Drifter

Yes but it’s not what most people think it is, it’s not mind reading but energy receiving and transmission……….. we are all connected.
It’s not a foreign language but a divine one.
The purpose it now serves is to retrieve us from the virus program, the conditioning put upon us by unworthy teachers and to put us into the presence of our connection with nature and each other in a blissful state of being which is our birth right.


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