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Is telepathy a superpower?

I’m writing an essay, and we had to pick a superpower that would benefit our school. I chose telepathy, but now I’m wondering if it’s a real superpower or not. I mean, can’t normal people be telepathic?


  1. Yes, it is a superpower, no, i don’t think there are any telepathic or phsycic people, just people who are very attentive or smart and attuned to their surroundings.

  2. Yes, “normal” people can be telepathic. My personal belief is most people can do alot more than they realize. An example would be finishing someone’s sentance. Some people do that better than others, but most people have done it at some point in their life.
    There are people out there who are very telepathic, able to read the minds of random strangers. Trust me, its not nearly as fun as it sounds. Its usually little snippets of whats on their mind; its not like you hear every thought in their head. And quite frankly, most of the time you could either care less, or wish you didn’t “hear” it in the first place.
    Good luck with your paper!

  3. I think normal people can be telekinetic so why not telepathic?
    It can be classified as a ‘superpower’ I guess, I’m thinking of like in X-men with the professor guy, but he could do other stuff with his mind as well, so yea.

  4. I’m in the yes camp. When you talk about superpowers you are talking about stuff in a particular genre, which telepathy does predate, however, while it was discussed and experimented with during the nineteenth century. Psionics and telepathy as we discuss it in modern culture is usually a product of the pulp writers of the twenties thirties and forties and especially of the influential editor John W. Campbell Jr. whose magazines many comic book editors mined for idea. There may well be telepathy. I have doubts it is the same as the superpower telepathy if that exists, but even if it is then telepathy is a superpower.

  5. Being that I am a Wiccan witch I have been working to strengthen my powers. Right now I am working with my two dogs.
    I can call them, make them sit, and stop barking with my mind. I only discovered this ability two weeks ago.


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