Home Discussion Forum is telekenesis and mental telepathy possible?

is telekenesis and mental telepathy possible?

how about like moving things for ex…is it really possible to happen???or talk with other people’s mind??


  1. Probably not. But there is no way to prove that it isn’t possible. At one time, people thought it was impossible to build a flying machine.

  2. So far, every blind test done under labratory conditions has faild to prove either. Remember, even people like Uri Geller are just using magic tricks.

  3. I believe anything is possible and keep an open mind. Perhaps there is a section in our brains that we don’t use that caters for both but we just don’t know how to access it. As far as telepathy though a few instances have happened to me with close friends or family but it could just be coincidence. EG. Just about to pick the phone up to speak to a friend that you have not spoken to for months and they ring you at the same time.

  4. Our social development can barely contain our biological urges, society will have to be assured in its good control of our errant ways before the intellect can truly start to direct society in a qualtiy fashion and that time is a pre-requisite for the development of such abilities if we can develop them at all.
    I remain hopeful but 6000 years and counting for stage one to kick in I think we’re looking at a date 10’s of thousands of years from now before we can chat without words. and moving stuff about by thoughts – hmmm I thnk that’s going to be beyond humanity

  5. Yes. Mental telepathy is anyways. I don’t know about Telikenesis. Most people have a closed mind on such subjects though. (haha, bet I’m going to get quite a few thumbs down on this one :P)

  6. It might be possible. The fact is that humans use less than 10% of our brains. If we used even a portion of the remaining 90%, just imagine what could be possible.


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