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Is tarot reading, aura readings and fortune telling bullshit?

I went to the voodoo shop in new orleans french quarter and met this fascinating tarot card/ aura reader and he told me things about myself that felt very true and not just vague things that could apply to anyone, very specific things that i could identify with. I used to think that horoscopes, all that shit was just a bunch of lies based on vague generalities about human nature, but this guy seemed really confident and legit. Is there any science or other personal experiences about having your aura read or fortune told? i would love to know if some of yours worked out or not. thanks for your time!


  1. You got it. Combined with psychic hot lines the last time I checked ( years ago ) it was milking people for billions and there still shelling out. Oh well case they haven’t anything better to do with there money.

  2. Well, to begin with, there is nothing special about his use of tarot cards – tarot is, contrary to popular myth, just a pack of playing cards invented in mid 15th century Italy and was responsible for popularizing trumps in card games. In fact, these games are still played throughout continental Europe today!
    Without an occult origin, fortune telling with tarot cards is no different in kind from fortune telling with tea leaves, dominoes, or knuckle bones.
    The most common form of reading done by these people is called Cold Reading, where much of their ‘knowledge’ of you comes, quite unwittingly from you, along with some popular psychology and generalities. You might want to Google Cold Reading for more information about it. As for learning the future, the idea of future knowledge meets with objections from both science and philosophy as it falls foul of many of the same logical problems and paradoxes that plague the idea of time travel.
    With regards to the convincing generalities they use, there have been a number of experiments to demonstrate the method in use. My favourite was when an astrologer was asked to draw up the horoscope for a convicted serial murderer. Then a class of students were told that their individual horoscopes had been prepared – they were all given the serial killer’s horoscope and all found it very accurate to themselves before learning the truth! It can fool some very bright people but it is a scam.
    It is worth noting that James Randi has been offering $1 million to anybody who can prove these kinds of claims for about 10 years now. The money is still unclaimed.
    All in all, I can’t believe in these things – but I do play the games of tarot and recommend them as a much better use!

  3. Heres my experience with fortune telling. Paid a small fortune and alot of time believing in that crap. What the fortune tellers told me was the complete opposite of what I was actually going through. Good life, many friends and acquaintences, all the things you wanna hear and you wanna believe in. At that time i was going through intense moods so I actually bought into these, hoping what they say is true and my life could become better. Which in the end didn’t. Now my life is becoming better and more stable but just to prove my point I took a shot at it again. Guess what, my future has just changed and have to suffer disappointments for the rest of my life just because they accidently found out these “new” futures. So guess what, fortune telling is in a way like astrology, sometimes they tell you what you want to hear but really, in the end who died and made them God?


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