Home Discussion Forum Is tarot reading a good business even if its all fake?

Is tarot reading a good business even if its all fake?

Most people think that they are frauds and charlatans but do they make good money ? I’m not talking about the TV ones that are probably micro millionaires but about the average ones in the street that advertise in the paper and go to psychic fairs etc.
Is there a market for their tarot readings ?
Yes but I’m not talking necessarily about the genuine ones. Fake tarot readers, do they make good money ?


  1. No because genuine tarot readers don’t charge or at least won’t try and profit, just cover costs. It’s not their purpose.
    Miss 6 – What I’m saying is the ones I’ve met don’t profiteer.

  2. I don’t know where people get that real genuine readers don’t make money off readings. I’m a genuine reader and I get paid for readings. I hope you’re not thinking of doing this for yourself. Most fraudulent people will start with a reasonable price but then ask for more money as the reading goes on. Or they will say there is a curse and they need to be paid so much money to remove the curse.
    **Ginny Jin – Sorry I just see a lot of people saying that psychics and readers if they are real will not ask for money or whatever, but its just not 100% true. I do free readings too but I do prefer to get paid for my time. It is a service I think a reasonable amount of money should be offered for the service. I’m not out to scam anyone.


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