Home Discussion Forum is Taoism and Buddhism related at all?

is Taoism and Buddhism related at all?

are they completely different? tell me everything you know comparing the two please =)


  1. No actually they r different but they r both belief systems. Taoism emphasizes on living in harmony with nature. Buddhism teaches that suffering is part of life. Hope this helps!

  2. Taoism and Buddhism greatly influenced one another in China, and there was a lot of blending and mixing of beliefs and practices between the two and with Confucianism, too. Buddhism was seen almost as another form of Taoism.
    BTW, Muhammed fulfilled none of the characteristics of Maitreya (nor did Jesus, by the way) – most importantly, the dharma has not been forgotten, the teachings of Gautama Buddha have not disappeared, and the relics of the Buddha have not been cremated. Muhammed didn’t achieve anything like Bodhi in 7 days, as it was predicted Maitreya will. In addition, Islam and its beliefs are completely antithetical to the beliefs and practices of Buddhism. It’s a silly old claim – one that many others have made, too.


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