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Is Taoism a religion that has belief in a god(s) or is it a philosifical religion?

Also how do you spell philosofical?


  1. “Philosophical.”
    It’s both. There is the popular religious Taoism that worships ancient Chinese gods like the Jade Emperor, etc., and practices fortunetelling and other esoteric practices, and there is the philosophical movement that isn’t necessarily religious, but is more of a way of life or a mode of thought.

  2. It doesn’t necessitate a belief in God.
    I would consider it more of a philosophical religion, sure. (<--Spelling.)

  3. PHILOSOPHICAL. ok, that’s how you spell that. Taoism, the Tao, isn’t an entity, it isn’t a god. The Tao can best be described as a metaphysical law of nature that keeps the Universe in balance. It is a philosophy, and a religion. In the East, the two aren’t separated like we separate the ideas here; in the East they go hand in hand.
    Think of the Tao like a river, if you have an innertube you get in and float along, live a simple, basic life. If you don’t get in, then you have to lug that innertube and the farther away you get from the river, the more difficult that task becomes. That’s when your life gets complicated, when you have to deal with possessions and material wealth, and things get out of balance. So Taoism basically teaches you to live simply, so that others may live. The source text, the Tao Te Ching, is a very short read and its interesting. You can find it at http://www.thebigview.com/tao-te-ching/

  4. The central precept of Taoism is the Tao, which is the force of the universe, it has no personification. It is a religion of mystical philosophy.

  5. philosophical. and it has a sort of “the force” belief, the tao. is everything. no gods whatsoever. Lao Tzu was the originator or whatever you call it. he basically tells you to go with the flow, but not too much, the tao te ching is a good read, i really got into it

  6. “Philosophical” The premise of Tao ism is Tao in chinese means way or path it is a man made philosophy attempting to find the natural path or way that they think if they follow will lead to longevity and possibly immortality. They are therefore more concerned with becoming gods themsellves than worshipping one.


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