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Is Taoism a religion or a philosophy?


  1. Religion is a life style, as too is philosophy. Religion usually includes ritual, and conservatism to belief standards, which Taoism doesn’t have to have.

  2. I believe that religion and philosophy are very closely related!
    I would say that Taoism is a religion; it discusses the nature of the Universe, and a specific relationship of man’s spiritual life with that Nature; although there’s not a specific deity, it does acknowledge a force in the Universe greater than man.
    Philosophy discusses the nature of the relationship of man to mankind as a whole, and how that may or may not relate to the Creator. Ideas, in and of themselves, such as the nature of Truth, Virtue, etc may be discussed. Plato’s Dialogues are an excellent study for this.

  3. Classical taoism isn’t even a philosophy or lifestyle… it’s a description of a state of being.
    However, the modern cult which bears its name has nothing to do with classical taoism.

  4. They taught Taoism in our world Religion class so it has to be a religion like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity and so on.

  5. Taoism began as a philosophy. Later, some Taoists began to include a belief in the existence of supernatural phenomenon and spiritual beings such as demons. Those devotees believe that an advanced practitioner of Taoism may acquire supernatural powers. Those who believe in the supernatural would properly be said to be following a religion. Others, such as those in China today who embrace some aspects of both Taoism and Buddhism — might be better described as followers of a philosophy.


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