Home Discussion Forum is taoism a foundation for beauty,truth and goodness?

is taoism a foundation for beauty,truth and goodness?

if yes then how? if no,how?


  1. I would say that Daoism can be a foundation for beauty, truth and goodness. However, I can only say this in the absolute because those are very broad terms.
    Goodness is easy as Daoism expects you to cultivate 德 (De) by following the 道 (Dao) or the way. De is often translated as inner power or personal integrity but is also translated as virtue or goodness.
    Beauty can easily be found in the virtue of grace that is commonly held high in most daoic religions (Daoism, Confucianism, Mohism, etc).
    Truth is a bit harder as it is subjective and more of a focus in Western/Abrahamic religions. You could say that cultivating dao brings you closer to the nature of the universe and that is truth. That a little bit out there but I think it does the job.
    In the end, Daoism is what you make of it as you follow the way.

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