• Taijiquan is a very complex MA that was created for fighting wars and self defense. Like any other MA it could be used for revenge but im afraid by the time u are proficient enough in it for that ull have let go of all that. In order to truely learn Taijiquan u will have to kearn to let go.
    My sifu learned Taijiquan for revenge. His sifu taught him all he needed to know. His sifu didnt teach him the applications because with enough practice u can figure it out for urself. It took him about 10 years to learn Taijiquan and by that time the revenge wasnt worth it anymore. They have a saying in China… Itll take 3 years Studying at the Shaolin Temple to exact revenge but itll take at least 9 years for Taijiquan.

  • Revenge is an evil path. If that’s the case, then maybe Tai Chi would be good for you, because you obviously have issues.

    I could say more that would answer your question, but that would be stupid of me.

  • Well, there are two matters here. Firstly, your feelings of revenge show that you have not learned to control yourself. Such feelings will definitely get you into trouble if not into hospital or worse. Life is short, why make it shorter? What if you have your revenge and mangle your enemy, wonderful, but then that enemy or their friends get a gun and blast you or your family, not good, and it reflects on your level of intelligence. How street smart are you? Use your brain before you use your hands. I take it that you are not a trained combat person seeking more info on Tai Chi etc. Training in Tai Chi, or for that matter, training in any martial art under a professional teacher will go a long way in teaching you how to control your own feelings. You can see from your predicament that, fight or no fight, your feelings need to be under your own control and you not be emotionally set off your head by the whims of misfits. Be cool. So, for you, outside of any threat problems, training in a martial art is a must.

    Secondly, Tai Chi. Yes it is good for fighting. However it is an advanced art, and it takes years (many) to learn well enough for street use, and as that is so, it is not usually recommended for short term combat needs. Its masters are devastating, and rare. It is not the art for a beginner with immediate self defense needs but is for those with long term goals. You might try the practical combat arts like Hapkido, JuJutsu or (non-sport) Karate. Good schools include self defense content and being contact arts, some of your aggression and stress may have an outlet such as on a punching bag. Do not take out your aggression on the other students or the master (if not the students) may pound you into the wall. Remember that the other students are not your enemy but your martial friends, who no matter what their level, are helping each other and you to become better persons and more able to cope with problems that are other guys or just the usual problems of a hard life. Martial Arts are magic and you need some. They equip you with skills that your enemies probably don’t have, and make you better and stronger, what can be wrong with that?

  • Revenge is the wrong reason to take any martial arts
    Martial arts is for self defense not for your stupit revenge

    And tai chi is a for self defense, it has a lot of devistating moves in it

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