Home Discussion Forum Is Tai Chi effective as a martial art?

Is Tai Chi effective as a martial art?

Would you be able to easily defend yourself?


  1. Yes, and it’s very embarrassing for your attacker to get his a5s kicked in slow motion like that. Adds insult to injury quite effectively.

  2. Traditional Tai Chi is actually an effective martial art. The movements that we are more familiar with, the stylized, relaxation type Tai-Chi, of course, wouldn’t be of much utility to you in a self-defense situation, but in Asia (mostly), it is still being practiced as a martial art.

  3. Hi!
    I think Tai Chi is for self control – body and mind.
    But you can adopt to self defense, just have to have some help, fantasy (how to use it). And practice a lot. 😛
    I learn kenjutsu, and we practice hand-to-hand combat too. It isn’t that easy, to defend myself, as i thought for the first time. So technics, and practicing is necessary – especially for self defense. And of course, a partner, who learn self-defense technics, so he/she will know how to do it.

  4. If you mean by “effective” quickly learned and with apparent combat uses, then no. Tai Chi masters who have put decades into their art are able to do Chin Na (joint locks and stuff) as well as any other style’s master. But, let’s say you’re a 16 year old girl, and you want to learn a martial art by the time you get into college at 18 (years) and be able to defend yourself, (which I recommend for all women to study something in highschool, college is a dangerous place sometimes) I’d go with another style.

  5. Hi Tai Chi would be great for self defence if you can find an instructor that knows the Martial side of it and not just the sport/exercise Tai Chi like most instructors, one person that ive read about is Master Earl Montaigue. he has reserched the system and trained in China with many Masters, the original Martial style is all about pressure points and their use to injure and to heal. thanks hope this healped…

  6. Like any martial art, it must be applied to be useful. It must be practised in as close as you get to a fight. My experience with Tai chi Ch’uan is that it has be modified to protect against head shots a bit more but that might have just been my instructor. Not sure on that. I have talked with folks that have learned how to apply the defensive and offensive sides of the art within a few months. I think the years is a myth thing

  7. Many people claim it is, but its really not. Unless of course you have many decades experience along with sparring practice.

  8. Yes, it is a very effective martial art. The fancy names for the moves conceal a practical name for it. It all depends on your instructor and their main priority. This could range from a calm, meditative activity to one where the use of the techniques are applied.
    What does happen in the study of Tai Chi, is that the constant repetitive movements alter your body, your agility and your instincts. The movements become so natural they replace your old instincts. This ability is key to any successful fighting art.


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