Is Tai chi and Qigong?

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Is Tai chi and Qigong the same practice or is there a difference.
also a list of places that teach qigong around broken arrow oklahoma would be very greatly appreciated.

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pretty much the same expt that in chi gong u manipulate the energy and thats it…in tai chi u utilize it in a highly specialized martial arts

mo in the middle

I don’t know anything about Oklahoma, but qigong and tai chi are a bit different. I’m more familiar with qigong, which is a type of healing breath practice. It is my understanding that tai chi is more focused on movement.


They are both ancient Chinese physio-spiritual disciplines that are based on the sensing and manipulation of the “chi” or life force. (The word appears in both terms — “qi-” being the same as “chi.”) Qigong is more health oriented, whereas Tai Chi is specifically a martial art.

Human Being Human

No they are very different has been explained but there are differences within qi gong too
There is hard qi gong that is used in martial arts Some amazing vid’s on you tube and there is soft or medical qi gong
What is it you want to use it for Healing or Harming If it is for Healing I can help you


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