Home Discussion Forum Is Tai Chi an effective martial art for little dudes?

Is Tai Chi an effective martial art for little dudes?

I could be flicked to death.


  1. not at all. i know a few people who do tai chi and i have fought them in the ring and the drop like flies lol. im not trying to glorify myself at all im jist saying its weak. its mainly for older people because it helps them wih there joints and crap like that

  2. Tai Chi is effective for all ages; but it is not as aggressive as others; you asked earlier what was a good martial art? Tai Kwan Do is good for kids, but really they all teach dicipline and self defense. At my age Tai Chi is it!

  3. tai chi is not something that you learn to fight with quickly. and there are few people that know how to teach the combat aspect off it. it could be very effective under the right instructor

  4. Tai Chi is very effective for smaller people. It requires little physical strength to make it work. The only thing is that it takes many years just to get proficient in the art. By the time you get really good at it you’ll be so old that you’ll have no desire to fight anyone.

  5. Definately. Here’s a video example of a little dude using his superior Taijiquan skills in a Pushing hands competition to beat a bigger guy.
    For the Taijiquan school, see if they practise plenty of competitive pushing hands. Competitive pushing hands is pretty much stand up wrestling with a lot of emphasis more on principle than technique. Make sure they can tell you of their lineage. It might not neccessarily mean anything if they can’t but they get more brownie points if they can. Modified forms of Taijiquan for health have become popular worldwide in recent times because the benefits of training have been found to be very conducive to calming the mind, relaxing the body, relieving stress, and improving one’s health in general. Beware of these because these schools won’t teach you any self defense.
    The techniques of taijiquan are focused on (more or less) dirty boxing and standing grappling – elbows, knees, punches, palm slaps, and, most of all, nasty throws pulled from shuai jiao. There are very few kicking techniques in the system, most of which are low kicks (knee level and lower) used as entrances to reach the clinch, or as trips when closer. Although kicks are scarce, there are a great number of kick catches in the system, presumably because other systems that involve kicking were common at the time of taijiquan’s development.
    The taijiquan fight strategy is to either preemptively close the distance to clinch range with a low-line kick, trip, step (footwork) or grab, or more often, to employ a “counter-punching” approach i.e. wait for him to attack, then attack/enter via the opening he leaves. Once in the clinch, strikes, and throws are used to pound and sledge the opponent.

  6. tai chi is a very effective and deadly martial art suitable for small guys as it contains superior leverage techniques which redirect a massive force against the opponent with minimal effort. but the combat applications of taichi are difficult to learn, sometimes taking 15+ years to master. finding a good sifu is another difficult task….it incorporates trapping,joint locking and breaking,nerve strikes,bone dislocation and take downs…

  7. When taught correctly it can be learned quickly and used immediately. But this requires finding the right instructor and providing the proper dedication. Unfortunately there is no governing body to guaranty the quality of the instructor so you’ll have to use your own judgment and experience.
    One of my students was attacked by an aggressor twice her size when returning home from work. She laid him out flat on the floor and when the police arrived, they couldn’t believe how someone her size was able to handle him. She was only learning from me for about a year.

  8. Tai Chi isn’t just for the elderly nor is it weak. That’s just a misconception. Yes Tai Chi is an internal martial art and you may see older people practicing it as a form of easy exercise. But it can be adapted to a very efficient close range fighting style. At times Combat Tai Chi can have strikes and whipping motions, resembling a typical hard art. Others, it can resemble a soft more flowing nature with pushing, drawing and imbalancing, redirection and throwing – a common combat philosophy shared with Aikido or Chinese wrestling or Judo. It can be useful for anyone regardless of size. A good Tai Chi expert can bounce you several feet away.

  9. nperrand has no idea what he’s talking about. Tai Chi is one of the deadliest arts I’ve ever come across. It was originally used by Chinese vagabonds – like Chinese Hell’s Angels. They went around basically terrorizing civilians, destroying businesses, and running people off. Very deadly.
    However, I will say that for some reason that I’m unaware of, Tai Chi has been emphasized in America for its health benefits, so many people have no idea that what they’re studying is in my opinion, one of the deadliest martial arts ever created.
    Although most people don’t realize that they’re doing this, each of those slow movements you see people practicing Tai Chi doing are actually techniques – picture Kung fu in slow motion. Doesn’t look like much at first, but the application of the techniques are just as destructive whether done slow or quickly.
    Another thing, and I could be wrong about this, but I’ve never seen a Tai Chi practicioner fight in a cage. Tai Chi is a traditional art and as a whole, too upstanding and honorable to lower itself to mere cage fighting like a couple of baboons during mating season.
    To answer your initial question though, sure, Tai Chi is great for little guys. However, I wouldn’t advise studying it in America though because finding a school that teaches it in its original form is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

  10. Think of it this way. You can spend 15+ years learning a fighting style that uses difficult to use, technical attacks OR you can put 2 – 3 years into learning somthing like Kuntaw or Krav Maga. The latter are far more effective as far as practicality goes.

  11. All martial arts are the same in the end, the question you should ask is not if tai chi is good for me…but are you good at tai chi?
    all arts depend on the person. remember our brain controls out moves, our styles dont control our brains, just pick any art and get good at it. i learn taji quan and i love it i can use it in real fights and win.
    take a look at the guy i learn it from.


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