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Is Tai Chi a Martial Art?

Is Tai Chi / Tai Ji a martial art or is that a corruption of the art form?


  1. Tai Chi is classified as Wudangquan or an internal Chinese martial art. Tai chi is typically practised for a variety of reasons: its soft martial techniques,

  2. Tai Chi is a Martial Art althouh it takes years to develope and to discover the Martial aspect of the forms. Tai Chi is very benefitial health wise and promotes good balacnce and a rooted frame of mind.
    Of the various styles of Tai Chi I would have to say Chien Style has more of a Martial basis.

  3. Tai Chi… Let’s break the words down so that you can understand what it meant. Tai means eternal, whilst Chi means Life Force. Tai Chi is a martial art which promotes the control and discipline when doing such moves. As the saying goes, “In order to be in-line with the ‘flow’ is to perform Tai Chi.”

  4. The stuff you get in the States are a corruption of this internal martial art.
    Yes, taichi is a very strong martial art, and used to be taught only to the advanced practitioner as a “secret” style.


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