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Is Tai Chi a good workout?

I do Judo and I am looking to add to my physical and mental well being. I know the Tai Chi will add to the mental well being, but will it help with the physical side?


  1. Absolutely. When done properly it is a great work out, maintaining stamina and flexibility. We have incorporated it into some of our adult Martial Arts classes.

  2. Tai Chi is wonderful for adding to your physical and mental well being. It is a wonderful staple to add to your current training. If you want to add significant strength or endurance, you will probably need to take up traditional forms of exercise. This would include running or some other form of cardio, weightlifting, calisthenics, and possibly plyometrics. Hope this helps!

  3. Yes – it will help you with flexibility, balance, and relaxation.
    My karate sensei suggested that I went to TaiChi to improve my ‘competition karate’ – he was right, I became faster with my techniques because I had learned to relax (tense muscles don’t work efficiently); my scoring was more accurate because my balance had improved; and most of all the mental relaxation gave me calmness in my approach to the situations.
    And, if you get a really good instructor, they will show you that TaiChi is not just about relaxing and balance etc., but it is a very effective martial art in it’s own right.

  4. All of the above. I studied Gung Fu for nearly 40 years and I started to study Chen Style 10 years ago. It is the same if not more vigorous then the Gung Fu I studied before. If done correctly, it is very physically demanding just like other martial arts and it surely would help you physically. Don’t let their looks fool you!!!
    In fact, all martial arts can and will improve your physical side if they are done correctly. I have seen and know people who did not put their mind into what the are doing and finished a karate workout without sweating. So after 5 years, they still looks like a white belt (I am also a 5th degree black belt in Okinawan Gojuryu karate). And I also see the same happens in Tai Chi classes also. There are people that won’t put their effort into what they are doing so nothing is improved.It’s all depend on your effort and if you learned it correctly from a good instructor.
    Hope this will help…

  5. First of all Tai Chi is considered soft or Internal martial arts. What this means is that it does not put stress on your muscles the way hard or external arts like Karate or Muay Thai does. What it was designed for, was to strengthen your internal organs, yes your heart, liver, kidneys and the lot. The slow movements in Tai Chi isn’t for working out your muscles, it’s to stimulate your internal organs by promoting blood flow to them through the different postures and movements so they will be healthier and last longer than the average organs most people have which are exposed to lots of toxins and abuse. That’s the reason why most Tai Chi masters look younger even in their old age, are more vigorous than other people their age and live longer than most of their contemporaries. The healthy organs they develop thru the practice of Tai Chi promotes better blood circulation and digestion which in turn keeps their bodies in good working condition like a fine tuned, well oiled car engine. So in answer to your question, if by good workout you mean an exercise that promotes overall good health, then yes it is a good work out.


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