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Is tai chi a good self defense application combined with another martial art?


  1. Tai Chi Chuan is a good self-defense style in and of itself.
    But like any other martial art, you can combine it with any other style you desire.

  2. Speaking only of the “Tai Chi” that I have observed, where techniques are demonstrated at an incredibly sloooooooooow rate, and not on a live human for demonstration purposes, I cannot recommend it alone as a self defense system.

  3. if you find an instructor that understands tai chi as it relates to martial arts and not the heath exercise, then it is an excellent system.
    the problem is a lot of people that practice it only practice it for execise and not martial arts.

  4. Yes, I was really surprised when I saw the proper martial applications. It looks like most instructors who understand the martial applications of tai chi are also familiar with xingyiquan and bagua zhang. There is some variations in spelling but these are considered three internal martial arts which develop your structure and ability to flow around or deflect (not block) an attack. You will need to practice applications. Just learning the forms can be enjoyable and help you improve physically but nothing beats experience. In combination with another martial art depends on the other martial art. Most other martial arts will work on developing the external, strength and striking. So the internal may give you an edge against someone bigger, stronger while the external will help you become bigger stronger


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