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Is Tai Chi a common marital art for 14 year olds to learn?

Do most places have classes for teens/young adults?


  1. They should, teens go through very hard things in their years, you and i should know since we are teens. So sure they probably do have Tai Chi for young ones.

  2. I do not see why not, I have seen kids as young as 5 doing it, so if a five year old can do it and 14 year old can do it. Ask around at the schools that teach Tai Chi and I am sure that they will have a children and adult classes. Even if they don’t have children classes you should be old enough to learn in the adult class anyway.
    Plus as someone said Tai Chi will help you become more aware of your emotions and how to deal with them, which is great for a teenager, it will teach you one of the most effective defencive martial arts known and the health benefits that it gives you is good as well. So take it up even if it is common or not, it is a great martial art and it will hook you and you will enjoy every moment of it.

  3. Never to Young or to old. If you are a serious minded student I think you will be welcome. We don’t have many Tai Chi schools around. to compare. We teach Tai Chi Chi Gung to augment out other martial arts. It helps with flexibility, healing, and meditation.

  4. Actually, no.
    A traditional instructor would not teach a teen any internal martial arts because they want you to develop your muscles and sinews first.
    Internal arts do not develop muscularity much. They will have you learn an external form such as Long fist, Tamtui or other.
    I saw a 14 y/o who learned Chen style but he was one of those naturally muscular kids and studied external arts before he learned the Chen style.
    If someone does, it is because they want the money. I would not teach it. I would rather lose the prospective student than to do the kid an injustice.

  5. In the Chen village, the source of almost all taijiquan (also spelled Tai Chi Chuan) in practice today, they teach their kids as young as 5 years of age. Of course it will take some time before the kids really pick up on the internal material, but the first few years are meant primarily for learning coordination, strength training, flexibility, etc. Traditionally, in the Chen village, it will take about 8 years for a student to study the long form (Lao Jia Yi Lu). This is in an effort to completely inculcate the student’s nervous and muscular system with the principles associated with Chen Style Taijiquan. Only after that do they start learning the fast forms, and weapons training. However here in the west it would be nearly impossible to train in this fashion. People have too many other activities in their lives and the American mindset is that of immediate results. A Taijiquan Instructor in the U.S. needs to be flexible to the needs of their students in order for the art to thrive here and balance that with authentic training.
    But to answer your question, yes Taijiquan can be taught to younger participants, but it has to be adjusted to their level of athleticism and maturity. Competent instructors can train interested students of any age group, but have to be sensitive to their level of experience and ability.
    However, you will have to search to find the instructor that is right for you. Try and find one with appropriate credentials and a verifiable lineage. Good luck.


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