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Is studying 'mumbo-jumbo' a complete waste of time?

mumbo jumbo has many meanings. I am interested in theosophy, philosophy, theology and gnosticisim and have come across reconstructionalism,manichaeism,catharism,mandeanism,zoroastrianism,yazdanism, neo-manichaeism. akhenaten, mani,zoroaster,mazdak, blessed be thier names.
I want to escape from ‘ignorance’ from a world corrupted by the ‘Worldy Idols’ (these are abstract representations) I believe in order to change for the better I must go through both ‘spiritual self-exploration’ ( as in restoration,illumination,awakening and fufillment) and ‘gaining knowledge’ (understanding more beliefs, empirical and prepositional knowledge-i know of mani and I have heard of buddha. Only the ‘ignorant’ can be limited to their own circles of belief and ideas, whilst I desire to be cognizant; knowing more and building up knowledge,to be a bastion.I am forever leaning new things .
It is wrong for a person to know the world, to divide wright from wrong. To ‘transcend’ the world is my task.
transcend- to rise above the corrupted world dominated by satans machinations that are brought about by the spiritual ignorance of man.
I am attemtping to reach out. By knowing the world and studying (reading bible, ect and discussing with people) i become more correct to mans original nature.
not into science fiction-that stuff is for the superstitious.
please note I study- but i put everything under question, i never leave a stone unturned
I believe that God created the world about 10,000 bc, with the world about 7,300 because then their would be enough time for the ancients (egyptians) to build the pyramids.
also- is it not better to bathe in my own foolishness rather to speak straightforward,. i had to find out what pseudo intellectual meant. I am not all knowing but enjoy study different and new beliefs and ideas.


  1. Well you would first have to define what mumbo jumbo is before I can tell you if you are wasting your time. It is not wrong for a person to know the world as long as you are not of the world. GOD teaches us right from wrong if more people would just listen. I’m a little blurry on your quest to transcent. Where exactly do you expect to go? Me thinks someone has been watching to many StarGate episodes

  2. True enough that judgement of right and wrong is not for us mere mortals. One has to wonder though, if you are truly interested in these subjects why you aren’t contacting the Theosophical Society, a group that have been exploring these topics for near a century now.
    If you intend to be a bastion of knowledge in a sea of ignorance, then I would suggest spending time searching the internet for answers rather than asking questions of other who may or may not be as ignorant on the subject as you are presently.
    I’m afraid this is one you’re on your own with, like myself, you have chosen a path that no-one can guide you all the way, although if my life is an example you will have many excellent guides, although none will understand life as you may come to.


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