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Is stream of consciousness a writing technique?


  1. Yes. Read James Joyce. “Ulysees” is an undisbuted classic. It is hard to read though. Try “A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man.” James Joyce is considered to be one of the best writers in English literature.

  2. Yes, it is. Stream of consciousness is a very good way to show your character’s “voice”- show who they really are. It can reveal things about them in really good show-don’t-tell kind of way. It’s funny you should ask about this- I had a class on it just yesterday.
    Spock is wrong. It refers to a writing technique used when writing first-person; writing down all the character’s thoughts.

  3. It can be, although it’s difficult for readers to latch onto the scope of the conversation. While it’s a good initial exercise, it must be edited to create a good connection with the reader.

  4. Yes, it is.
    James Joyce used it to great effect in his ‘Portrait of the artist as a young man’.
    My daughter also uses it, she just doesn’t know it.

  5. Jack Kerouac used SOC to write a number of books, although he called it “spontaneous prose”. He just put paper in the typewriter and let his fingers go to work, writing with no interruption for hours at a time, using no capitals and no punctuation. The idea, he said, was to “blow as deep as you want”, a phrase borrowed from jazz music.

  6. Stream of consciousness can mean two things. It can mean writing spontaneously /or/ it can mean writing in the first person perspective for each character in the story. William Faulkner is famous for the latter. Jack Kerouac is famous for the former.
    Each is considered a writing technique.


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