Is Steven Hawking Solor Powered?

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I previously asked what happened to him in a power cut, and it was revealed that he was solor powered, I’d like to know if this was true.
As I believe that he must be solor powered or battery operated, or else he wouldnt be able to function in a power cut.

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Break of Dawn ♥

Like I said on the other one, he most likely has a battery powered chair, but seriously why do you care?


Yes he is. You ever seen him on a cloudy day? Thought not.


Well I expect he has a rechargeable battery, or he’d have to be plugged in all the time and would need to be trailed by cables. I don’t know if he’s solar powered though. I applaud your question though, it makes a change from ones about Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.

HereKitty >R.I.P.M.J.<

I admire Steven Hawking.

Dirtay Dyana

Ha ha ha!! Your so f-kin funny 🙂


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