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Is spirituality from God or is it just another part of human consciousness we all have in common?

Is it something we receive from some external realm or is it our own brain activities in progress? People who used psychotropic Plants, what is causing them to enjoy a spiritual life and mysticism?


  1. There are non-deists (Buddhists for one) that are spiritual people. All religions claim ‘spiritual experiences’ and the like, and there are actually studies being done. I think Sam Harris is pretty interested in this subject – he is a neuroscientist who doesn’t discount simply everything that we consider ‘supernatural’. He feels that some of it might just be ‘natural.’

  2. If there is any “spirituality” that occur naturally in humans, it’s most likely a brain chemical being released at certain points. Just like love, empathy, and all the other emotions we have.

  3. we are spirits, (created in God’s image) so spirituality is part of being human.
    When we sin our spirit dies and waits to be born again
    Without that spirituality is like trying to get water from a rock

  4. It’s not even real. It’s a state of mind that people think they have that they just labeled “spirituality”
    If you’re talking about using psychotropic plants to induce “spirituality” then there you go…just an altered brain state caused by an external source.
    It’s certainly not from a fictitious sky-fairy
    [EDIT] The things “no chance without jesus” says just get dumber and dumber.

  5. in our pre-existent form we ARE spirit!
    in our resurrection we have our spirits Joined to the “body” for eternity.
    in our mortal bodies our spirits war against the flesh and the Unknown passions that come with it.
    just think how much MORE Intense the resurrected body will be have feelings and emotions

  6. God created Man in material form and spiritual form.
    If you refer to “spirituality” as a condition you mean it is
    a choice of good or evil which Man wills freely.
    Man’s soul is his God-created eternal spirit which will
    live forever in either heaven or hell, according to the
    choice which each man makes. The only thing every
    man has in common is that he must make the choice.

  7. I don’t think there’s a way to answer this question. If we exist because of God, we cannot know this without God. If human consciousness simply imagines God, we cannot know this, either. The external and internal are one. This is a nondualist position. I take this from a Jewish as well as from Taoist and Buddhist sources.

  8. Man (and the universe) is a mix of the material and the spiritual.
    In our world the whole deal is out of balance caused by mans
    current predisposition /programming for the material.
    the climate is changing because of our commercial emmissions etc.
    Many peoples are separated from each other by their bank accounts so that
    their predominant thoughts, meaning and purpose is owning stuff and amassing
    trinketry, style, gluttony, selfishness etc.
    Aborigines lived for 60000 years unchanged.
    Modern man has created exponential slide imbalance in 3 or 4 thousand years.
    All humans are born with the same ability to contemplate their true meaning and purpose for existence.
    Plants/foods have natural chemicals which bind to various natural receptors in our bodies to produce many and varied planes of altered consciousness. (great aint it ?) 🙂
    planes of consciousness


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