Is spiritual awakening being misdiagnosed as mental illness?

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There’s been an increase in mental illness. If you have visions, then are you psychotic, or are you spiritually gifted? If you experience fluctuations in energy, are you bipolar, or are you spiritually gifted? Do medications help mental disorders, or do they suppress spiritual awakening?

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Spiritually awakened people are not misunderstood as psychics.They are easily recognised.There is no confusion.


Having a spiritual awakening is the willingness to grow. Medications may enahnce the spiritual awakening and fluctuations in energy can be caused by hundreds of things. Many people have visions who are considered Normal


Spiritual awakenings have a different feel and fabric than psychosis. It is easy to differentiate between the two. Medications assists in mental health but does not effect the spiritual awakening. If you are wise enough to understand the difference, keep the two of then apart.

Sandy K

In my own opinion mental illness has always been around for thousands of years, we are all just becoming more and more knowledgeable about it, and gaining a more awareness to the up risiing of discussions. Whereas, it was kept under the so to say carpet, or in the closet. Especially if it was in the family. Of course it would shame the family or friends if anyone knew. But I do agree that sugar plays a big part in our fluctuations of energy, and of course diet as well. Doctors are so quick to diagnose people, and have done this before and have made big mistakes.
I believe that medications do help, but a psychiatrist is the one that can honestly make the best descion, for being they are the specialists. A new one fresh out of college is usually the best, or with in the last 20 years. As for being gifted, like preminitions of futureistic stuff YEH i believe in that. I get it, and it is scarry, and if you get it alot and you are not sure, document it, honestly. You don’t have to show anyone, just put it away, and if it does not come true with in 2-3 years, then in my own personal experience you don’t have a “gift” I have had many names that come to me, and with in 1-3-4 months these names are brought up or I am introduced to these people. That is a “Gift” Listen to the voice if you hear it. Some doctors call it Auditory Hallucinations, which will drive you crazy at times. You don’t know whether it is true, or if it is medication you are on. Some times too if you are in A.A. or N.A. we can get auditory hallucinations. Some doctors call it Scziophrenia. I think that is how it is spelt. I have had car accidents in dreams that come true a year or two later. So when i tell some one that think I am weird. So I have only shared that with a close friend who knows me, and they say.. ” i have a gift”


Depends on who’s doing the diagnosis. Also depends on the visions. Fluctuations in energy could be caused by bipolar, but usually it will be accompanied by severe mood fluctuations as well. Spiritual awakening is usually a very pleasant thing. Medications are generally a stop-gap measure doctors use to treat symptoms and are seldom a cure. In my opinion, medications suppress lots of things. Finding a good therapist who can properly diagnose and treat what you’re describing might be difficult… shop around. Most therapists tend to throw drugs at you without proper diagnosis. I’m a firm believer in CBT (cognitive behavior therapy). I would look for a good psychologist if you are concerned about your mental state.


if we have an educational system which
guides ppl in this area a lot of them wouldnt have
to be hospitalized,,,,,what makes ppl with a psychic episode
freak out is they dont understand
whats happening and we dont have a lot of help for them.


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