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Is something bad going to happen to me?

I’ve been going through alot of weird things in the past two days.
I recently had a dream where I met a very pale boy with big light blue eyes. Then the same day I found out I was really married to him for two years and we had four children together. (My mom has four kids and has been seeing her boyfriend for two years) He was like paper-white pale, and had a very small dark mouth, like purple lips. Later on, when I started to anaylyze it and had guidance from friends, I agreed with them like it was as if he was dead (so pale and lifeless) His name was Fero. Fero means to bring in latin. Yes, I know that. But from recent research it also means to suffer or endure..Yesterday I went through a very terrifying experience; while fully conscious, I had something like a “past regression” and was living the life of a woman from either 1889 or 1918 named Anna Mae, and she lived with a man named Lucifer. He killed her sister (Christine. I don’t have a sister in real life) and killed me when night approached. I was crying hyserically (this is in reality, me, as jasmine) and hyperventilating. Also, as I was laying on my left side it was like a male voice whispered “right there” in my right ear, followed by another rushed phrase. I can’t sleep (It’s five in the morning over here) and it’s kind of starting to make sense as I put the pieces together. Am I getting a sign? Is there a possibility I might endure suffering? I’m thirteen and I’ve never been through anything like this. Please help.
Thanks in advance.
..no, i’m not on any meds. i’m not crazy and i’m not laughing. so please don’t take this as a joke. if you’re not going to answer accordingly, don’t answer at all.



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