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Is" sleep paralysis" a spiritual event akin to a demonic attack, or could it be something else? ?

Lately I have been awakened in the middle of the night because I suddenly feel something on top of my body . I become immobilized and unable to move . I have been having these incidents for years every now and then . It seems that as long as I fight with whatever is trying to oppress me , it usually goes away.
Last night , while fighting with this entity , I consciously remember saying ” I hate you” to it . This seemed to enrage this entity and the pressure it exerted on my paralysis increased for a couple of seconds . This never happened to me before where I actually felt the anger .
I’m sure some would think that I’m some whacko . I am not claiming to have been taken off in some spaceship . These experiences are so real and a bitscary.
I have seen some scientific explanations concluding that sleep paraysis may be associated with narcolepsy . I feel personally that it is evil and that as long as I fight it I will be OK . Anybody else have similar experiences??
There is a reason I think that they call the night , The witching hours ( my apologies to you witches out there).


  1. It’s a natural biological mechanism that prevents you from acting out your dreams. Not every part of the brain wakes up at the exact same time.

  2. Yes. Every now and then that happens to me. Frankly, I’m not sure what it is but it is very disturbing. If you get a medical explanation for it, please let me know.
    I’m not talking about not only being immobilized but the distinct impression that something is deliberately pressing down on me . . . holding me down.
    Hannah J Paul

  3. As some people have already said, your body prevents your muscles from moving when you’re asleep. However, some people have a sleep disorder which means they can be partially awake and aware, yet unable to move – “sleep paralysis”. Many sufferers report a heavy sensation in their chest, hence the old wives’ tales about demons and succubi.
    The sensation may get worse when you “fight” because you’re getting stressed and your blood pressure is probably rising. Try relaxing next time. Easy for me to say, I know, but you can try it and see what happens.

  4. Your body is paralyzed when you dream because it keeps you from acting out your dreams. Sometimes your brain wakes up before the rest of your body does. If this is happening to you on a semi-regular basis you might want to go to a sleep clinic and make sure you aren’t suffering from a serious condition like apnea

  5. Sleep Paralysis and Old Hag Syndrome are caused by your mind waking up before your body (in the first instance), and your mind still dreaming when you wake up (in the second).
    I don’t think you’re whacko, but I also don’t think it’s caused by any demonic forces. Have you been getting enough sleep lately? Perhaps you should go to a sleep study center and see if you have any sleep disorders. You might also want to have a friend stay the night with you for awhile, to see whether you have any Night Terrors (my mother suffers/used to suffer from those). They can definitely make you think there are demonic forces in the room.
    Next time this happens to you, just focus on moving one part of your body. Ignore whatever’s “pressing” on you, and just focus on moving an arm, a leg, a toe, whatever.

  6. I’ve had an experience like this. Here’s my theory. During dreams your spirit leaves your physical body of flesh and bones, but it is attached by a spiritual “cord” so it doesn’t leave completely and you die. At death this spiritual cord is cut so that your spirit just completely separates from your physical body. Sometimes you can force yourself out of a dream state and you wake up, but you’re half-way in and out of your body…therefore you have no movement even though you are aware of your surroundings. If you have had these experiences they can be pretty frightening. It felt like my dream was trying to draw me back into it…but I focused my eyes on something in the room and eventually pulled myself out of it and woke up comletely. It’s like a black hole is trying to suck you back into your dream state. It’s even somewhat like tunnel vision with dark black clouds around your peripheral vision. It’s scary! Anyway, hope this answer helps.

  7. something like this has happened to me. But mine is a dream. I call out for help but nobody hears me. I’m clearly awake but not concisous. I can’t open my eye and try but I just can’t. Meanwhile I am still having this dream of chasing a ghostly figure from one end of a museum to the other end. I first had the dream when I was younger maybe 10 or so the only thing I can say is different is then the ghostly figure told me to shut up. Since then I have had this same exact dream about 5 times and each time I can’t get up, talk, scream or anything. Scares the mess out of me when I finally can move. I need to find out more about this as well.

  8. I’ve had episodes of sleep paralysis (and Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic hallucinations) ever since I was a teenager. It’s not anything spiritual. It’s a state between waking and dreaming. You feel like you’re awake, but you’re really not fully awake yet. Actually, I have found that the WORST thing to do is to try to “fight” it. It makes the experience last longer, and it makes it more frightening. Next time you start to have an episode, try this: Don’t start to fight it. Don’t speak to whatever you’re hallucinating. Close your eyes, and immediately try to RELAX your body. (This will be the opposite of what you instinctively want to do, so you need to make it a conscious effort.) Remind yourself that it is only a hallucination/dream. It is NOT real. It CAN’T hurt you, because it’s not real. (Thinking this to yourself will help you to relax.) Tell yourself that you know you’re just stuck somewhere between sleeping and being awake, and all you need to do is try to fall back asleep completely so you can wake up normally. Then try to fall back asleep.
    All of this literally only takes a matter of seconds. It has always worked for me.
    More info: http://www.stanford.edu/~dement/paralysis.html


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