Home Discussion Forum Is shining shoes a form of meditation?

Is shining shoes a form of meditation?

I’m having a hard time with the breathing form of meditation’ It make me for anxious and light headed. I was in basic training and learned how to shine boot, I’m asking can shining boots be a relaxation.


  1. i remember spit shinning my boots in basic; it was sorta meditative, but it is not meditation. about the breathing thing, you need to relax, you’re breathing wrong if you get light headed. stop thinking about your breathing, clear your mind.

  2. Oh man ! you are not at the proper place/age to understand the what-what forms can be done meditation !!
    I would stongly advise you to first go through KarmaYog Of Krishna then you will be understand in what karma/ways you can do meditation.
    As far as shoe shining is concerned, Yes it is a form of Karmayog so its meditation.
    Can you plz explain where were you on training !?
    Im asking because such form of meditation was given in ancient Gurukuls to new Shishyas(Disciples ) As Introduction to meditation.
    can shining boots be a relaxation.?
    It can be , but remember only calmness mind IS NOT aim of any Yoga (be it raj,karm.bhakti..)


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