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Is Shamanism an art? Like alchemy is an art ? Or are both Divination?

We stand around in a Circle and suppose
While in the middle the Mystery sits and knows.
Robert Frost.


  1. You can call any vile thing an art – Picking my butt could be an art – that does not make it worth my time and effort – in fact some can be destructive to my health and life and soul!

  2. Well, alchemy is an outdated form of chemistry that believed the earth was made up of fire, earth, wind, water HEART! GOOOO PLANET!
    Ahem….I mean.
    Nothing mystical about alchemy, it’s just evolved into more complex things, we now know as well as hundreds of elements, we have subatomic particles, and what makes up the sub atomic particles, quarks and leptons, antiparticles, radiations, blah, blah, blah! no way anyone could seriously argue alchemy was real

  3. Like Tantra both are left hand paths, a art yes, the art of Intuition. And working with life energy so divination also, the practice of real magik, sexual energy the power that creates.

  4. Shamanism is to medicine (medical profession)
    as Alchemy is to research science
    It’s where they came from.
    Shamans used herbs and rituals to cure tribe members the way Doctors use chemicals and procedures today with similar success. Many shamanistic methods and medicines have been adapted for the modern world like aspirin (Salicylate-rich willow bark) and prayer/faith healing.
    There is one art,
    no more, no less:
    to do all things
    with art-lessness.
    — Piet Hein

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