Is Shamanism a religion or a practice or both?

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I have been noticing and it seems like a lot of my natural interests and my personality all lead to the subject area of the shaman and or natural healing/ holistic healing. I dont know much about the shaman or its history and beliefs but it just feel like im being drawn to this subject by some natural force or forces. I was just wondering if Shaman ism is a religion or a practice and maybe some other information about it 🙂
Thanks 🙂
Love Light and Peace 🙂
thanks kris 🙂

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Kris to the rescue!

It is the root of all religion – it went from shamanism – animism – deietism – monotheism – mysticism.


I thinks it’s both, kind of like Wicca.

Cher JPA

Try the website for “Foundation for Shamanic Studies” by Michael Harner.
Personally I use it as a practice. It can be a “religion” within a native culture, but that’s more involved & expansive.
I have friends who think of it as their religion because they’ve left Chrsitianity & are looking for something. Personally, I think their missing out on important parts of religion by using this that way (a connection to God energy that goes beyond connecting to a universal one energy.) They don’t use a native cultures deeper approach. I don’t mention it to them, since that’s not my business. I’m Jewish & find it enhances rather than contradicts with my own religion.
I’ve learned on here of Wiccan religion. Someplace in there you may find even more of what you are looking for.


Sort of along the lines of what Kris said, I think the Shamen(?) are people who are so in tune to the truths of spirituality that they leave us all behind in the dust. They have always been able to ‘see.’ More and more people these days are relizing spirituality is like a tool that we need to keep sharpened. We do that by using it every day. There’s nothing non human about it. It’s in there. We just have to tap into it. That’s why we are learning to communicate and share wisdom and knowlege. People are evolving ito smarter creatures. That’s also why we lose patence with people who cling stubbornly to their ignorance. One day our children and grandchildren will know how to tap into it the way we tap into a computer.

Justin A

It is both. There are practices and religious ideas behind those practices and other things. There are plenty of places you can research it. Just use Google, for starters. There is a lot of info out there.

ღI Loveღ SAMwiches
Here is some info on shamanism, I don’t really know that much about it. I have heard of them before, I know they often have to act as mediators.



Keeper of the Birch Trees

I’m a shaman, and I’d say its just a way of being. You can be spiritual and do it whatever way you like, using magick, spells, to journey, meet spirits, be at one with god, or gods, spirits, heal people, meditation… I guess its a means of being spiritual by finding your own path and doing what you want to do, to connect to different energies, to experience different levels of consiousness (using deep meditiation or drugs if you wish) to gain knowledge and wisdom and a deeper connection and understanding to the world around you.


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