Is shamanism a form of religion, or is religion a form of shamanism?

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Shamans are like witchdoctors and prophets in some african religions.


Very thought provoking! I would tend to say that religion is a form of Shamanism.
Blessed Be


Depends on where you begin. To some, Shamanism is religious. To some, religion is shamanic. We are both playing with words, but the truth is apparent.


Yes. And share the mushrooms.


The word Shaman comes from Siberia, and is used to describe a person who uses the natural laws. Shamanism is spiritual, religions are man’s attempt to define social order based on their limited understanding of that which created them, and spirituality is to simply accept without limitations of social definitions and simply be that which you wish to understand.


The shaman must learn many things, and have great power, to do what
must be done on this material level using the spiritual level. I think they
give a great sacrifice, in that they create much karma for themselves by
having to manipulate spiritual things, even when it’s for the good of others.
Some undoubtedly turn to the Dark Side. I know, (HA HA, the Dark Side). But we should appreciate the sacrifice the shamans make for us!
Don’t ask me where I get this stuff? I pefer to think the Holy Spirit is talking through me!

Marvin R

a Shaman uses knowledge gained from ” the Spirit World ” to help those in this ” Physical World. ” the Shaman uses various means to travel from the physical plane to a Spiritual plane to help those people in need of healing for whatever reason. the answer to your question might be determined by the Religious Belief System of the person one asks. personally think that Shamanism is a form of the Religion because of the interaction between the two elements.


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