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Is Shamanism a dieing religion?

Yes its a real religion….google it
But has anyone heard of anyone today practicing Shamanism?


  1. Obviously.
    But don’t worry – it’s kind of trendy these days to pretend to believe in ancient, dead religions. I’m rebellious teenagers and other people looking for identity gimmicks to substitute for personalities will bring it back, particularly if they can find something in it that encourages some kind of drug use.

  2. It is dying, but it has a strong tendency to re-emerge.
    Probably the religion that is truly dying, and will likely never be seen again is Zoroastrianism.

  3. Yes, people still practice Shamanism, but it is not as you say, a ‘religion’.
    Shamans do not have a following. A Shaman is interested in practicing their spiritual healing techniques but generally is not interested in forming a group of people to perpetuate a theology or religious structure. Though not a religion, Shamanism is an application of beliefs. These beliefs are spiritually based and applied to the Shaman’s healing work This is perhaps its greatest commonality with religion, as most religions also have an element of spirituality which propels one to help others. Shamanism is an application of religious tradition which has some religious elements but it does not contain the essential components of religion.

  4. I hope not! I just bought all the paraphernalia to start my own store front Shamanistic church! What am I going to do with all these chicken bones?

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