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Is shaman considered psychic?

From my limited knowledge on psychic, I know that a medium or someone capable of seeing the dead is considered a psychic. What about a shaman or a traditional healer who cured people using spells and others? And if genie exists, are people who can see them considered psychic as well?


  1. Shamanism is older… It is the old Preisthood of pre-Polytheistic Pantheistic cultures… What we in the West call the “Noble Savage.” Many of their abilities are similar to those held by “Psychics,” but they come at completely different angles.

  2. Traditional shamans are on the peninsula of Kamchatka in far northeastern Russia, and I don’t know if people believe they are pyschics.
    Here in the real world, there are no psychics or mediums, period.

  3. I have worked as a shaman, and I see the spirits of my Ancestors, but I don’t classify myself as a psychic.
    Shaman I have known displayed psychic abilities.
    I’m not familiar with genies, the Djinn is a desert spirit from the Mid East, and a bit outside my area of knowledge.

  4. A shaman is a person who fulfills some very specific functions in tribal cultures. Yes, he does do the same types of things a psychic would do — divination, communication with the ancestors and gods, traveling to other worlds to recover the lost souls of sick people, etc. He is the one in the village who knows about medicines, drugs, poisons, spells, and magic. He is also the priest, healer, historian, teacher, elder, leader, arbitrator of conflicts. He acts as a judge settling disputes. He provides both spiritual and mundane guidance for the tribe.
    Some New Age types in America like to call themselves “Shaman” or call what they do “Shamanism.” This is really a misuse of the term, and amounts to claiming to a title you did not earn. Be skeptical of anyone who tells you they are a shaman. A shaman is, after all, more than just a psychic. Also, you can’t really, technically, have a shaman outside the context of a tribal society. Like I said, a shaman is defined as much by the role they play in the community as by their spiritual and magical practices. You can use some of the techniques of shamanism in your magical or healing work, and say so, that’s OK. But it is not a term to use lightly.


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