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is sexual magick only in the left-handed path or there is a brand that is of the right-handed path?

All traditions I have seen of sexual magick seem to be of the left-handed path but if it’s ther a brand of sexual magick that is of the right-handed path I want to know information about it and where can I investigate more of this.


  • you are funny you know that .. oh how i wish there is .. but really, i dont think there is one that God condones. all that mambo jumbo has the devil at the end of it. and if he’s in the equation then nothing good will ever come of it. religiious people would say the only magic for such things are through prayers and more prayers to God. sigh.. or if it’s meant to be then it will be.

  • Which trads have you seen? Because in Wicca sexuality is seen as good. And I would assume that it would be seen as positive in all Pagan religion!

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