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Is seeing a psychic/medium a good idea – do you have to be 18?

I am planning to go to a local psychic night, the avdert says it has some of the most respected mediums in the country?? I have a strong beleif in the afterlife and am also religious. Furthermore, I have a friend who is 16, do you have to be 18 (i am) to see a medium??


  1. most psychics read your body expressions. They will ask you things and draw up some kind of scenario by how you react.
    If you are doing it for fun just remember it is a fake.
    You will more than likely be disappointed.

  2. Your age isn’t important. You simply have to be able to read the disclaimer card that the “medium” will give you at the start. This card explains that the procedure is entertainment and is not to be taken seriously. This protects the “medium” from a lawsuit when the prediction turns out, (as it always does), to be wrong.
    Have fun!

  3. it’s not a good idea if you consider faithfulness to the bible and god important – god wants to be your guide – ask him.

  4. As an ordained minister and a spiritual medium I also believe that the two (past life and religion) can go hand in hand.
    Everyone is psychic. It is our sixth sense which utilizes thought vibrations to obtain information. A Medium has natural vibratory energies capable of merging with spiritual energy, enabling information
    and assistance of a higher quality to come through. This information does not come from mind or mental energy, but from God through Spirit.
    A Medium also has the ability and knowledge to do a reading using psychic gifts, but also uses their ability to connect with spirit. A Medium gives ALL credit to those in spirit, giving no impression that
    they personally “have the power”.
    Know the Reader’s credentials and reputation. A promise of contact with a specific spirit is seldom offered by legitimate Mediums who know that those in Spirit also have free will and choice. Use
    common sense – any advice received, or course of action suggested, must resonate within your being as right for you; you also have free will.
    I personally would not do a reading for a minor without parental consent. That being said, there are ethical and legal psychics and mediums. My advice to anyone attending such an event as the one you’re attending would be to walk around the readers tables. Use your own intuition (gut instinct) as to which one “feels” right to you.


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