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Is scrying dangerous?

A while back I bought a scrying mirror, not knowing what it was at the time xP
I just thought it was a very beautiful mirror, and saved up some money to buy it.. When I did ask to buy it from the store the shop owner told me it was a scrying mirror and asked if I knew what I was doing with it.. I said yes even though I didn’t have a clue because she was looking expectantly at me, as were the two yound children in the shop at the time >.<;; Anyway, safe to say it's been kept in the top of my wardrobe with the bubble wrapping still on it and not been touched since, as I'm wary of it.... I know this is probably a (very) stupid question... but can evil spirits come out of it? Should I get rid of it? Or just keep it up there? It is a very beautiful mirror, and I would like to keep it, even have it un-bubble-wrapped and up in my room.. Heck I might use it if there's somewhere where I can learn how to safely (I've dabbled in some Wicca and Tarot cards before but...Yeah xP ) Anyway, some help please? >.<;; Would take a weight of my mind xP


  1. Get a grip.
    Scrying, whether it be with the use of a mirror, crystal ball, Ouija board, tarot cards or whatever, does nothing more than allow you to access your own subconscious.
    There is no such thing as “evil spirits”.
    Do you still believe that monsters live in your closet, too?

  2. The only think evil that came from it is how you’re deluding yourself into thinking it’s evil.

  3. It is the same as with a Ouija board, people will tell you that there is no problem with it, but there is…
    Get you another nice mirror and get this one out of your house, anything that can connect to demons , why would you have it around ?
    We were at a church for prayer meeting and someone brought in a lady who was possessed with demons, we had to pray and cast them out…if you would know how she got them, you would be shocked, probably someone said too, oh there is no problem with watching certain movies, well there is, the movie, she watched, when her husband said the change took place was called “Butterfly effects”….
    We have to be careful what we surround ourselves with and what we let into our spirits, once the demons are there , it is extremely hard sometimes to get rid of them….

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    Consider the cost before you go in. If the cost can not be determined, do not enter.

  5. You can’t open yourself up to evil spirits, unless your a crazed christian.
    Scrying is simply an art to either view into the future, or past, or occasionally used to spy on people.
    It’s not Charmed, where they scry for evil spirits in their city.

  6. it”s a mirror. it has no more power than what you give it. it can awaken your vanity, it can awaken your self doubt, it all depends on what goes in your mind when you look in it.
    for itself it’s just a mirror. nothing “lives” in it.
    it’s just one more tool. up to you what you do with it.

  7. Okay, any mirror can be used for scrying. Generally a black mirror is used for scrying, but any mirror can be used. So, unless you want to rid your house of every mirror because you think it might be a way for “evil spirits” to come out then don’t worry about it.
    Scrying is a very difficult thing to learn. There are books on learning it. However, if you are scared of the mirror or of learning how to scry, perhaps you should get rid of it. However, if you think it’s a beautiful mirror and want it for decoration you could use it for that–I’m sure that was your first intention anyway.
    If you don’t know how to scry then it shouldn’t bother you to have it as a decoration. But again, if it bothers you to have it perhaps you could take it back to the store or sell it–eBay perhaps.


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